iFretless Brass update – Blue Mangoo’s iOS brass app gets tweaks and new sounds

Download from iTunes App StoreiFretless Brass logoI posted a full review of Blue Mangoo’s excellent iFretless Brass iOS music app when it was first released back in October 2014. If you need some high-quality traditional brass sounds in your iOS music productions, then this is a pretty good way to get them.

Like the equally excellent iFretless Bass, iFretless Guitar and iFretless Sax iOS music apps, iFretless Brass combines a guitar-like performance surface that allows you to add various types of performance expression (particularly slides and vibrato) and a very respectable set of sound samples that allow you to exploit these performance options.

iFretless Brass; a virtual brass section for your iPhone or iPad.

iFretless Brass; a virtual brass section for your iPhone or iPad.

Blue Mangoo release an update to the app over the week-end. This takes the app to v.3.3 (it was launched as v.3.0 to keep it in line with the other iFretless apps). While this includes some bug fixes and an update to the Audiobus SDK, then headline additions are in terms of the sounds. First, the French horn sound has been improved with some tweaks to the sample base.

Second, there is now a new Flugelhorn sound that is added to the existing euphonium, trombone, trumpet, tuba, French horn, muted trumpet and a small number of synth patches. Combine these with the saxophone sounds in iFretless Sax (and that also includes clarinets) and you have the makings of a decent brass instrument collection. Having given the new Flugelhorn a try this morning it sounds as good as the rest of the sounds. It is soft and mellow at low MIDI velocities but gets really dramatic and powerful at higher velocities.

Blue Mangoo’s iFretless apps are some of the very best sample-based virtual instrument iOS music apps that are currently available. iFretless Brass is an excellent addition to that series and, if you use brass-based sounds in your iOS music production, then the UK£7.99 asking price is a bit of a no-brainer. This is a great app, it’s universal and, for brass sounds, it is a good as it currently gets under iOS.

iFretless Brass

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