IceWorks updates – Laplace, Lorentz and Mersenne iOS synths get some tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storelaplace logoThere are, of course, no shortages of iOS music apps that offer virtual synthesis and we are blessed with some fabulous synth apps that run on the iPad (and a number that also work in the more compact iPhone format)…. Thor, Nave, Animoog, iSEM, Tera Synth, Synthmaster Player, MitoSynth, iProphet, Model 15, ARP ODYSSEi, iWaveStation… well, add your own favourites to the list.

However, there are a number of very creditable alternatives to some of the more profile and well established competition and developer iceWorks have a number of these in their catalogue including LaplaceMersenne and Lorentz synth, all of which got Ableton Link support soon after the technology was launched. The company also have the rather wonderful iPhone-friendly Redshrike now in their iOS portfolio.

Laplace – now with a ‘mono’ button added bottom-left.

Anyway, all three of the iPad synths apps have been updated over the weekend and all three have had similar tweaks. This includes some general bug fixes and improvements, fixing of a rendering issue and – on all three – a new ‘monophonic mode’ button so you can easily turn each of them into a mono synth should you so wish.

Mersenne gets the same treatment :-)

Anyway, check out the full reviews via the links embedded above…. but all three apps are impressive. The interfaces are clean and uncluttered and, even for the less well-qualified synth programmer, these synths are very easy to use and experiment with. The synth engines are also quite  distinctive within a fairly crowded market of ‘virtual analog synths’ and, as a consequence, gives this both instruments a sound of their own.

…. and so does Lorentz :-)

Laplace, Mersenne and Lorentz are each priced at UK£4.49/US$5.99. Even if you are a casual collector of iOS synths, this is hardly likely to break the bank. Excellent value for money and well worth a place in anyone’s iOS synth collection.


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

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