‘How I made this….’ Readers explain their iOS workflow

reader track logoOne of the things I’ve found wonderful about running this blog is the interaction I’ve had with some of the visitors to the site. I’ve learned all sorts of new things because of this; about new apps, new hardware and, of course, about other online resources that serve the iOS music community. However, perhaps the most useful stuff has just been about the way different iOS musicians approach their music making process, whether that’s just in their attitude or something specific about their workflow.

Anyway, as subscribers to the blog’s newsletter will already know, that got me thinking of how it might be possible to share these kinds of insights so that it wasn’t just me getting some benefits from all this insider information. And, after a little thought (and some very useful feedback from the newsletter subscribers), I eventually decided on a suitable format to give this a shot….

So, as of today, there is a new section on the website called ‘How I made this….’ (you can find it under the ‘Getting Started’ option of the main menu) where readers of the blog – and your fellow practicing iOS musicians – will share some details of how they put together a specific track and the basic workflow involved.

I’m hoping this section will grow (I’ve other contributions that are already in preparation) and, depending upon whatever feedback it generates, perhaps evolve over time. The initial idea though is simply to give other iOS musicians – and especially those new to hi-the music making – some inspiration, ideas and examples to show them what can be done.

Therefore, with a big dollop of thanks to the initial crash test dummies…  er…. volunteers – Tristan Maduro, Stuart Kilbride, Nigel Sutcliffe, Bob Skaigh and Amy Lee – here is the first batch of Readers Tracks…..   Enjoy, and feedback, questions…  oh, and further volunteers….  all welcome.


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    1. This was a great idea, and executed very well. I went through each artist’s post and listened as I read; that was so cool, I’m going to do it again!

      It is interesting how varied are the songs, and really, everything about each song is so different. The processes described and the apps used cross an enormous range and flexibility; it really shows how much artistic latitude there is iOS music making.

      Well, I volunteered to share my take on song making and its obviously easier to do now that others have paved the way. I thank these pathfinders for sharing, and I look forward to finding out what others have in store.

      — Bourne

      • Hi Toz…. thanks for the feedback. I deliberately didn’t want to make this too much of an ordeal for those contributing, hence the question/answer format and the fairly light touch. That said, volunteers are welcome to dig as deep as they like within the format. And just let me know if you need any further information before putting your own stuff together :-) best wishes, John

    2. Very interesting project I can see this becoming a valuable resource…..

      • Hi Steve… let’s hope so… all depends on folks being willing to contribute though so we will see how that goes…. best wishes, John

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