Harmony Voice update – VirSyn tweak their iOS vocal app

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harmony voice 2 logoI reviewed VirSyn’s Harmony Voice music app a while back (you can read that review here) and was impressed to see this type of vocal processing – familiar to desktop musicians for some time – starting to appear for iOS. The app also got Audiobus support added in a subsequent update and then IAA support.

As the app’s name suggests, Harmony Voice produces vocal harmonies based upon your audio input and the pitch of these four-part harmonies can be produced either automatically by the app or triggered via MIDI. And while the app doesn’t perhaps compete with the very best that is on offer on the desktop (Antares’ Harmony Engine or iZotope’s Nectar, for example), with its pocket money price tag, it does a very decent job.

Harmony Voice – it’s amazing just how good the automatic vocal harmonies are given the modest price of the app.

Until yesterday, the most recent update to the app had been back in April 2015 when v.3.0.0 appeared. This bought a number of new features including a fixed harmony mode and the ability to set the level, pan, pitch and gender settings individually for each voice. Anyway, in February 2017, that update seems like a pretty long time ago….

… which is why it was great to see v.3.1.0 appear on the App Store earlier this week. While there is nothing too ground breaking in terms of new features (no AU support as yet, for example, and which would be great to see), there are new import and export options added for audio. In addition, MIDI control of patch selection has been added for live use of the app. Oh, and the usual round of bug-fixes of course :-) Yep, a modest update but great to see anyway as it means the app is still ‘active’ in development terms.

This updates add options for MIDI-based switching between the various presets and preset banks.

Pitch correction and auto-harmony generation are complex processing tasks. On the desktop, this technology is pretty mature but, at its best, it is also pretty CPU hungry when done in real-time. I’m not sure iOS is quite at that level of maturity just yet but, with apps like AutoTune Mobile, VocaLive and Harmony Voice (which, incidentally, also does basic pitch correction), things are most certainly improving.

Anyway, if you do vocal-based recordings under iOS, at just UK£6.99/US$6.99, Harmony Voice is most certainly well worth a look. So, if you fancy experimenting with a few automated harmony vocals, check out my original review for details, listen to the examples in the demo video embedded below, and then follow the download link to find out more.

Harmony Voice

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Thank you, John, I almost missed this.
      So great to see Virsyn’s steady update activity across the board, from the new hits to old faves like Harmony voice. Seems like they are really firing on all iOS cylinders lately :)



    2. I bought Harmony Voice some time ago, and although I don’t make heavy use of it, I find it handy to “have around”, especially as I don’t have the greatest range as a singer!

      I’ve used HV for vocal “pitch-shift” effects (e.g. to create an unnaturally deep voice), and it’s also quite useful for producing “Jeff Lynne/ELO-style” high backing vocals, especially when combined with the MIDI controller option for specifying the notes in the chords.

      Glad to see Virsyn continue to keep this app in mind :-)

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