Harmony Eight updated – VirSyn’s 8 voice iOS pitch-shifter effect gets some tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreVirSyn are one of the software developers that have fully embraced the iOS platform. They have gradually developed a very impressive catalogue of iOS music apps many or which – Tera SynthmicroTERAHarmony VoiceAddictive Synth, Tap Delay, Emo Chorus, Posiedon Synth, VoxsynArpeggist, AudioEffx and, of course, the brilliant ReSlice, for example – I’ve reviewed here previously on the Music App Blog.

A more recent arrival is Harmony Eight which was launched early in the summer. As the name might suggest, the app is designed to create harmony parts from incoming audio and, while vocals are probably the prime intention, there is no reason why you could use the app with other audio sources.

Harmony Eight running as an AU plugin within Audiobus 3 and under iOS11 – nice update :-)

It shipped with Audiobus and IAA support but – also as with more recent VirSyn releases – also arrived with AU support for those with a suitable AU host…  Anyway, the app received a update yesterday moving to v.1.3.0. As might be expected given the timing of the update, the key driver is ensuring compatibility with iOS11 and the update includes some changes to restore AU functionality for those that have already moved to iOS11.

VirSyn have done an excellent job of adapting the UI to the AU format.

There are other changes though. Support for Audiobus 3 has been added and, if your host DAW/sequencer supports it, you can now also use the AU parameter automation that’s possible within the app. Having given the app a brief spin within Audiobus 3 – and via AU – this morning, all seems to be working well.

The update includes Audiobus 3 support for the app.

Of course, there are one or two other apps out there that can automatic vocal harmonies. That said, I’m not sure I’ve heard anything better in terms of the audio quality that Harmony Eight. Even if just used for a bit of vocal doubling, the results are very good….  and the app offers much more than that.

The app is currently priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99 and I suspect this is an app that is most likely to appeal to those who do material with vocals but, if you are also a VirSyn fan, then Harmony Eight is bound to be very tempting….   Anyway, if you are want to find out more, watch the demo video below then simply hit the App Store download button :-)

Harmony Eight

Download from iTunes App Store

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