GuitarJack Stage – Sonoma Wire Works iOS compatible stage ready guitar pedalboard available

GuitarJack Stage press image

Way back in the mists of time here on the Music App Blog (OK, August 2012 to be precise) I did a review of Sonoma Wire Works incredibly stylish guitar audio interface for iOS; the GuitarJack 2.

This did the same job as something like IK Multimedia’s original iRig but at a higher price and, it has to be said, with a rather more stylish and desirable look. With a very sleek metal finish (and a soild, weighty feel to go with it), the physical design of the GJ2 was one of the few add-on gadgets I’d used to-date that looked as sleek as my iPhone or iPad.

The original GuitarJack 2 - very stylish add-on for your iOS device.

The original GuitarJack 2 – very stylish add-on for your iOS device.

Almost as far back in the mists of time (NAMM in January 2014) Sonama announced a big brother follow up to the Guitar Jack 2; the GuitarJack Stage. This looked like a high quality – and highly desirable – hardware add-on for the iOS-using guitar player. It doubles as both an audio interface for your iOS device and as a pedalboard controller. And, given the gig-ready construction, and the option to power your iOS hardware through the GuitarJack Stage, it certainly suggested some considerable promise.

GuitarJack Stage press image

The new GuitarJack Stage looks like it is built for stage conditions.

I’m not sure if I’ve missed something between January 2014 and now but, just a couple of days ago I received a ‘now available’ email from Sonoma saying that the device was available for order….   perhaps a bit of a wait from the initial announcement but, in fact,, the spec still looks like a very practical one for the guitar player brave enough to replace their tube amp with an iPad running their favourite guitar rig modelling software.

You can read more about the detailed spec here but, priced at US$299, this will be one for the more serious iOS using guitar player. It does, however have a very good audio specification and all the right features to make it fir as the ‘foot hub’ of a live setup. The unit is compatible with Windows, OSX and iOS.

I’m not sure just how easy it might be for me to obtain a unit for review but, if I can track one down I will. The GuitarJack Stage is available for order now directly from Sonoma Wire Works.


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    1. Hi John,

      Looks like Amazon has it for $286.24 (with free shipping — of course!)

      Might make an excellent stocking-stuffer — as long as you hang a heavy-duty stocking that can handle the weight of this “robust” unit!

      Here is the link:

    2. Hello,
      Are you going to make a review soon?

      Thank you

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