Guitarism updated – Rhism bring their playable guitar app up to date

Download from iTunes App Storeguitarism logo 3Well, today has already been quite an interesting one for my personal iOS music app preferences. Not only has Oscilab (a long-term favourite) recieved a welcome update after a period of quiet, but  Guitarism by Rhism (another long-term favourite) has also been updated.

I reviewed Guitarism quite some time ago and the basic principle of how the app is played hasn’t really changed too much since then so, if you are new to the app, then have a look through the original review to get up to speed. However, I had begun to wonder whether the app might have been abandoned as the developers turn to doing other things (like a job that might actually make them a living) as the previous update was all the way back in December 2014.

Guitarism gets an update – yay! – but the range of features remains very much the same (which is a good thing by the way).

That’s not to say that the app hadn’t continued to work though….  and it is an ever-present on my iPhone and launched whenever I’m in the mood to strum a few chords and don’t have a guitar to hand; even with just a little practice, you can coax a remarkably realistic performance out of the app if you stick to fairly simple, low- and mid-tempo, strumming.


You can download all the ‘extra’ features for free once you have the app installed…  and it seems to be working very smoothly under iOS10 despite the ‘iOS8’ reference above.

Anyway, today’s update takes the app to v.3.33. There are some tweaks to the social/sharing element of the app and some bug fixes applied (I assume these will also accommodated changes die to iOS10?) but, aside from that, the app remains the same. I’m fine with that….  and just happy to see the developer giving the app some love to extend its useful life. The app remains universal and the single price model – UK£3.99/US$4.99 – introduced some time ago to replace the ‘free+IAP’ model used previously, gets you all the content that includes four different guitars to play with, a range of performance options and some cool guitar amp/effects to explore.

The app has four different guitar types available…. 2 acoustics and two electrics… as well as a range of effects.

Guitarism has, according to the App Store description, been downloaded over 1 million times (OK, it was a free download for quite a considerable length of time). That might not be quite in Angry Birds territory but, given my comments a couple of weeks ago about the App Store pricing model and its impact on developers of niche iOS music apps, that’s a pretty impressive number. It does suggest that, for the right apps, there is a substantial potential audience…

If you don’t already own Guitarism, even if you are not really a guitar player (you don’t need to be) it is worth a download. And, at UK£3.99/US$4.99, considering just how many features that now includes, and the fact that the app is so cute, compact and just plain fun to use, Guitarism is top-notch all round and an absolute bargain. This is about as no-brainer as it gets.


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    1. This is the best of the best in regards to Guitar sims on the ios system. IMO. There are a few others that are good too, but this one….It’s a Gem. :)

    2. Nathan Brazil says:

      Really glad to see this one still being developed. Guitarism was always the best of the bunch for strumming styles.

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