Guitarism updated – and rhism moves to single price/no IAP model

Download from iTunes App Storeguitarism logo 3While there is no substitute for the real thing, if I want to strum a few chords but don’t have a guitar to hand, I’ll often turn to Guitarism by rhism. I reviewed Guitarism quite some time ago and the basic principle of how the app is played hasn’t really changed too much since then so, if you are new to the app, then have a look through the original review to get up to speed.

The app has, however, had a number of updates since then, including the addition of some electric options and various additional effects available as IAPs and v.3.25 recently provided iOS8 support. A further update – taking the app to v.3.30 – has hit the App Store over the week-end. There are a few bugfixes included and the ability to strum or pick using all 10 fingers if you are playing on an iPad.

However, perhaps the biggest change is not in the functionality but in the pricing model. The app used to be available at the pocket money price of UK£0.69 and include a number of excellent (and relatively inexpensive) IAPs but rhism has now fixed the price of the base app at a very reasonable UK£2.99 and made all the IAPs freely available.

Guitarism; instantly playable guitar chords for your iOS device.

Guitarism; instantly playable guitar chords for your iOS device.

Guitarism has, according to the App Store description, been downloaded over 1 million times. That might not be quite in Angry Birds territory but, given my comments a couple of weeks ago about the App Store pricing model and its impact on developers of niche iOS music apps, that’s a pretty impressive number. It does suggest that, for the right apps, there is a substantial potential audience…

If you don’t already own Guitarism, even if you are not really a guitar player (you don’t need to be) it is worth a download. And, at UK£2.99, considering just how many features that now includes, and the fact that the app is so cute, compact and just plain fun to use, Guitarism is top-notch all round and an absolute bargain. This is about as no-brainer as it gets.


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    1. Looks like great app – would certainly wish to try it out, but winder if there’s Android version, avaliable for phonetab?

    2. Jayson Vein says:

      This is beyond a bargain. And the app is really good at what it does.

    3. Chris Catalano says:

      Apparently, the new free IAPs is only iOS 8…not for me, as when I tried again with iOS 7, I got them just fine!

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