Groovebox updated – all-in-one EDM music app gets song building features

Download from iTunes App StoreNovation spin off Amify have a good crop of iOS music apps including the excellent Blocs Wave, Launchpad and, added more recently, Groovebox. The latter has been around for just a few months and provides an EDM music production platform that combines a drum machine and synth engines into an all-in-one music production environment. It is also a free download – so you can try before you buy – and with an IAP-based model for unlocking more advanced features if you think the app is for you once you have tried it.

You get a drum machine plus two different synth engines – one designed for bass sounds and another for melodic parts – and up to eight instruments can be used at any one time from whatever combination of these three types you wish…  with basic mixing features provided. Ableton Link and Export are supported as is Audiobus and IAA. The app is also universal and requires iOS10. If I had to sum the app up in simple terms, it’s kind of like Figure but on steroids; that’s a good thing by the way :-)

Groovebox includes three different instruments – a lead synth (shown here) a bass synth and a drum machine… with optional IAPs to open up further editing features in all three instruments.

Anyway, a further update appeared yesterday taking the app to v.1.6 and this is a biggie; it takes an already very good app and makes it very much better. The key change is that, as with Blocs Wave some time ago, Groovebox now gets a song building system based around a ‘Sections’ feature.

The latest update brings the new Sections feature to the app…. so now you can build more complex song-based arrangements within a single project.

Having given the update a quick spin this morning, all seems to work well. Sections are easy to create and then modify and there are options for duplicating a section so you can easily build up variations to create different song parts. On playback, you can also easily switch between your different section to create a ‘song’ performance. I suspect Ampify might well have some additional options in preparation for the Sections feature but, as a first 9and free!) iteration of the concept, it really does take Groovebox up a further significant step.

Having created one section, you can easily duplicate it to build a new one from it.

As a ‘try me free’ app, you have nothing to loose by giving Groovebox a shot. Like Figure, Groovebox is great for getting some quick EDM-style ideas going….  but Groovebox’s feature set perhaps lets you take those further than Figure….  and the Sections feature simply adds to that. If, having given the app a try, you like the approached offered, those IAPs that open up the functionality of the virtual instruments are actually very good and open up a lot of extra sonic options. Anyway, watch the Sections demo video below and then hit the App Store download button to find out more.


Download from iTunes App Store

AMPIFY | Groovebox – Build Songs with Sections – iPad from Ampify on Vimeo.

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    1. This is a superior app, in its genre. The one thing it now needs is Midi out. Allowing Groovebox access to the sounds of other apps would increase its usefulness tenfold.

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