Grind Distortion released – Audio Damage keep the iOS AU ports coming

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed Audio Damage’s Rough Rider 2 a few days ago here on the Music App Blog. Audio Damage have built quite a reputation as creators of desktop plugins over the last few years but Rough Rider 2 marked their first toe into iOS waters….  and the app arrived as a free download, offering a rather nice compressor in an AU-friendly format. Win, win, but also obviously a taster for what is about to come….

…. which is, I think, ports of other items in the Audio Damage desktop plugin range and, hot on the heels of Rough Rider, we now also have Grind Distortion. No prizes for guessing what this processor does but the port is based upon the AD035 Grind desktop plugin (as demoed in the video clip below) and seems to offer pretty much an identical feature set.

Grind Distortion – Audio Damage by name and, pushed to extremes, audio damage by nature :-)

Anyway, Grind Distortion is not your typical ‘stomp box in an app’ overdrive effect. There are some pretty sophisticated options on offer which mean you can go from just adding some light overtones to full-on audio destruction. For those that like to mangle audio to within an inch of its life, if it delivers the same way that the desktop plugin does, this is going to be well worth exploring.

Having pulled you in to the brand with Rough Rider 2, Grind Distortion is priced at a modest UK£4.99/US$4.99. Again, is runs stand-alone but is really designed for use in an AU host. It is a universal app, requires iOS9.3 or later and, at just 7MB, will fit on even the most stuffed of iOS hardware. Check out the desktop demo video below….  and then hit the App Store download button to find out more. A full review will follow shortly :-)

Grind Distortion

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Please don’t forget to do a full review,got this on my wish list.Not enough demos out there.

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