GarageBand update – Apple fine-tune their iOS DAW/sequencer – and it’s still free

Download from iTunes App Storegarageband logo 3While I’m more than happy to recommend recording apps such as Cubasis, Auria Pro or Gadget to more experienced iOS musicians, if you are just taking your first steps with the platform (and particularly if it represents your first serious encounter with recording/music technology in any form), Apple’s GarageBand for iOS is actually pretty hard to beat. Even if you just use it as an audio sketchpad, it would be worth the price of entry and, if you also happen to use GarageBand or Logic Pro X on the desktop, then GarageBand under iOS makes an obvious choice on your iPad or iPhone.

Apple have kept a steady trickle of updates to the iOS version of GarageBand over the last couple of years and, while it has been perhaps been missing some features that you might want in a fully-blown DAW/sequencer (most notably a more comprehensive mixing environment), in other respects it has features that are not found in some of the other leading iOS DW/sequencer (such as the excellent ‘touch’ virtual instruments) and that make it a great choice for a first music production platform.

GarageBand for iOS; not a toy, but a great introduction to multi-track recording technology for newbie musicians.

Anyway, a further update for GarageBand iOS arrived on the App Store today taking the app to v.2.2.2. And, while this is very much a maintenance update – bug fixes and stability improvements only – it’s always good to see Apple giving their flagship iOS music app some TLC….  long may it continue.

The other point worth repeating is that GarageBand is, of course, a free download. This is, quite simply, an absolute no-brainer. Yes, you might well outgrow it, but you will have a lot of fun doing so and take the very useful experience on with you to a more fully featured iOS recording environment. GarageBand for iOS is simply a brilliant starting point for those getting into home recording for the first time….  Press the button and enjoy :-)

GarageBand for iOS

Download from iTunes App Store

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