Gadget update – Korg tweak their mega iOS electronic music production tool… and offer sneak-peek of new gadget

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gadget logoWhen it comes to ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production apps available for iOS, Korg’s Gadget is one of best options available. Korg have managed to strike an excellent balance between a flexible feature set, some fabulous sounds, and a slick workflow that works brilliantly on a touchscreen device.

The company have continued to move the app forward since its release in 2014 bringing quite a number of new ‘gadgets’ available through IAPs. The link with Korg’s Module – probably the best sample-based virtual instrument currently available for iOS – is also a very powerful option for expanding your choice of sounds. MIDI import was added in a recent update but I’m sure there are still things on Korg’s ‘to do’ list for Gadget – AU hosting perhaps and, at some stage, audio track support? – but this is a highly impressive piece of software.

Gadget - slick and powerful 'all-in-one' electronic music production app for iOS.

Gadget – slick and powerful ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production app for iOS.

Anyway, Korg have delivered a further Gadget update today with v.2.6.0 arriving on the App Store. Aside from a few enhancements under the hood – and a note that the app now requires iOS9.3 or later – the update blurb contains just a single line but it is quite an interesting one. There is a new ‘gadget’ available called Lexington and based upon ARP’s classic analog synth Odyssey.

Ooohhh...  a new gadget for Gadget....

Ooohhh… a new gadget for Gadget….

This synth was first introduced in 1972 as a response to Moog’s relatively affordable (US$1500!) Minimoog. Korg were involved with a hardware reissue of the ARP concept back in 2015 (and priced at around US$750) and now, in Lexington, you can get the essence of that classic sound in a gadget for Gadget….

The new lexington gadget is based upon the ARP ODYSSEi app....  arriving soon on the App Store apparently.

The new Lexington gadget is based upon the ARP ODYSSEi app…. arriving soon on the App Store apparently.

Well, sort of….  because unlike other gadgets that Korg have released as IAPs that can be purchased directly through Gadget itself, in fact, Lexington is actually a separate, stand-alone app; Korg’s new ARP ODDESSEi and, once you buy the app, it also automatically becomes available in its gadget form at no extra cost. As I type this, the app (and therefore also the gadget) is not actually available on the App Store so I don’t currently know the pricing…. but you can bet it will be considerably less than US$750 :-) Indications are that it will be with us later today.

Korg's ARP ODYSSEi app is a stand-alone synth app...  that then also appears as a Gadget gadget :-)

Korg’s ARP ODYSSEi app is a stand-alone synth app… that then also appears as a Gadget gadget :-)

There is a rather tempting promo video from Korg embedded below that shows the full app in action. It looks and sounds great….  and will make a great addition to Gadget as well as an impressive stand-alone app. I’ll post more news when I have it and, of course, a full review once I’ve had the opportunity to dig in…. :-)


Korg continue to impress with the iOS music app collection. If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add to your collection, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, and iM1. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy, they most certainly offer excellent value for money.


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    1. ARP ODYSSEi / Lexington Price:
      Regular Price $29.99
      Special Price $19.99 (33% OFF) until Nov. 30
      see here:

      Nevertheless I am disappointed Korg offers no possibility for longer samples yet (in bilbao or as audiotracks). This is the most common wish from all gadget users.

    2. Nathan Brazil says:

      Another synth. I am underwhelmed. Don’t Korg LISTEN to their customers? There are many possible gadgets and upgrades, such as the one mentioned by Peter, which would’ve been better than another retro synth.

    3. I think they listen their user base but they must have a compromise between the requested features and their own plans. I’m happy to have a proper analog synth in Gadget with 6 effects and multiple instances. I think soon or later they’ll bring us the audio tracks. Maybe in Gadget 3.0? Korg are doing an amazing job in iOS. They have my credits.

    4. I tried to buy it but not available outside the US.

    5. Raf: you have to wait some hours until it appears in appstore.

    6. Available now ! (at least in the Norwegian app store)

    7. Wow, is a powerfull synth. Glad to have it in Gadget.

    8. Sounds really good! But I noticed that the stand alone app is slightly different to the app in Korg Gadget. The arp is missing in Lexingtion and I have not figured out how to move my own made sounds from ARP Odyssei to Lexington. Maby through iTunes perhaps?

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