Gadget news – Korg announce Mac version of their mega iOS electronic music production tool

Download from iTunes App Store gadget logoI generally don’t do too many ‘coming soon….’ items here on the Music App Blog as I’d rather wait until something is actually available. However, occasionally, something particular catches my attention….

And as I’m a bit of a Gadget fan, Korg’s announcement that their flagship iOS electronic music production system is about to be ported over to OSX/Mac did make me sit up and take notice.

When it comes to ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production apps available for iOS, Korg’s Gadget is one of best options available. Korg have managed to strike an excellent balance between a flexible feature set, some fabulous sounds, and a slick workflow that works brilliantly on a touchscreen device. The company have continued to move the app forward since its release in 2014 bringing quite a number of new ‘gadgets’ available through IAPs.

Gadget - slick and powerful 'all-in-one' electronic music production app for iOS.

Gadget – slick and powerful ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production app for iOS.

Anyway, Korg have just announced that Gadget is soon to be released for Mac. The details and possible pricing are a bit sketchy at present but there will, apparently, be more detailed announcement at the start of the upcoming NAMM show (from the 19th Jan). We do have some details…. Under OSX, it will ship with more than 30 ‘gadgets’ and, if I understand the press release correctly, these same gadgets will also come as individual AU/VST/AAX and NKS plugins for use within your DAW/sequencer of choice. That would be very cool.

The OSX version will also include a powerful new drum gadget and a seamless connection with the iOS version for project exchange. As shown by the press-release photo embedded here, the OSX version will take advantage of the larger screen size to offer a four-panel UI (although I suspect that is customisable by the user?).

Ooh…. Gadget…. on a Mac…. and coming soon :-)

The additional very interesting detail is that the OSX version will offer new gadgets that will, in some form, enable the long-awaited audio recording feature. It’s not absolutely clear whether those gadgets will also be introduced to the iOS version but I would guess there is a decent chance of this if the two versions are to be fully integrated. Watch this space….

There is no statement about a possible Windows-based version nor any indication of the timeframe for release. Hopefully, that will all come when the NAMM show arrives in about a week’s time. I’ll do my best to keep you posted :-)

In the meantime, it has to be said that Korg continue to impress with the iOS music app collection. If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add iPad, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, iM1, ARP ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy, they most certainly offer excellent value for money.


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    1. The irony in this is that I have been considering Korg to be the last one to support AU in iOS. ..and before they do it …BAM! AU , but in another OS. Is there hope that we will ever use it in a DAW in the iPad? (ok, you theoretically use it as IAA but I don’t call that integration).

      • Hi joaven….. interesting point. Yes, Gadget on iOS with some AU built in would be interesting. The press release implies that the ‘gadgets’ will be available as separate plugins under OSX…. so how about the same thing under iOS? Each gadget as a separate iOS AU plugin for use within Cubasis or Auria Pro, etc? That would be an interesting possibility…. best wishes, John

    2. ConfusedKitten says:

      I’m not a Gadget user, but this is clearly a big thing (always is when something from iOS makes it onto the desktop) and it’s obviously going to open up some very interesting workflow possibilities for integration between iOS and the desktop environment (like Cubasis)! Extremely cool and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be very happy about this move by Korg which is a great start to 2017!

      • Agreed – desktop > iOS is a common thing but stuff going the other way is less typical…. and it demonstrates that iOS as a platform for music tech can easily give birth to some very good ideas that the wider music tech community are going to want…. best wishes, John

    3. Ken Daniels says:

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