Gadget news – Korg announce slight delay to Mac Gadget release date

Download from iTunes App Store gadget logoI generally don’t do too many ‘coming soon….’ items here on the Music App Blog as I’d rather wait until something is actually available. However, occasionally, something particular catches my attention…. And, as I posted a few weeks ago, Korg most certainly caught my (and lots of other I suspect) attention with their pre-NAMM announcement that Gadget was coming to OSX.

When it comes to ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production apps available for iOS, Korg’s Gadget is one of best options available. Korg have managed to strike an excellent balance between a flexible feature set, some fabulous sounds, and a slick workflow that works brilliantly on a touchscreen device. The company have continued to move the app forward since its release in 2014 bringing quite a number of new ‘gadgets’ available through IAPs.

Gadget - slick and powerful 'all-in-one' electronic music production app for iOS.

Gadget – slick and powerful ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production app for iOS.

A further press release confirmed that the OSX version will include the long-awaited audio recording feature, a powerful collection of VST/AU/AAX plugins, all the existing ‘gadgets’ found in the iOS version and a new drum gadget. However, perhaps the best bit of the news for iOS gadget fans is that v.3 of the iOS app will also be delivered and, yes, the same new drum gadget and gadgets for audio track support will be available (although there is no mention of whether these will be IAPs; I suspect they will be).

Ooh…. Gadget…. on a Mac…. and coming soon :-)

We also have confirmation of the pricing. There will be a launch price of US$199 for the desktop version but, if I understand correctly, this will include the full set of the current gadget list (30+ in total). At some stage after launch, the ‘normal’ price of US$299 will kick in. There was no statement at this point about any further pricing incentives for existing iOS Gadget owners. It will be interesting to see if Korg do offer something along these lines to ease their existing Gadget user base over to OSX – watch this space…..

Korg had originally suggested that the OSX version and the iOS update would appear o the 28th February (today). However, a short press release appeared yesterday and (perhaps unsurprisingly in the world of software development) that date has now slipped somewhat. If you are keen to see what the new features bring – whether under iOS or OSX – you are going to have to hang on a little while longer…. Hopefully, not too much longer though as the date is now specified at ‘late March’. I’ll keep you posted :-)

Hopefully, when it does hit, a full review of the desktop version will follow here on the blog…..  It might be a desktop app, but I’m sure many iOS Gadget users will be interested in just how the Gadget experience is on the desktop and the connectivity between the two versions.

In the meantime, it has to be said that Korg continue to impress with the iOS music app collection. If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add iPad, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, iM1, ARP ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy, they most certainly offer excellent value for money.


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    1. What a shame, but bug fixes are always welcome

    2. Its here :-)))))))) YEEEES!!

    3. And to top it all of: completely free update even the three new great gadgets – veerry nice move, indeed.

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