Gadget news – Korg announce release date Mac version of their mega iOS electronic music production tool

Download from iTunes App Store gadget logoI generally don’t do too many ‘coming soon….’ items here on the Music App Blog as I’d rather wait until something is actually available. However, occasionally, something particular catches my attention…. And, as I posted a few weeks ago, Korg most certainly caught my (and lots of other I suspect) attention with their pre-NAMM announcement that Gadget was coming to OSX.

When it comes to ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production apps available for iOS, Korg’s Gadget is one of best options available. Korg have managed to strike an excellent balance between a flexible feature set, some fabulous sounds, and a slick workflow that works brilliantly on a touchscreen device. The company have continued to move the app forward since its release in 2014 bringing quite a number of new ‘gadgets’ available through IAPs.

Gadget - slick and powerful 'all-in-one' electronic music production app for iOS.

Gadget – slick and powerful ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production app for iOS.

A further press release yesterday has now confirmed that the OSX version is due for release on February 28th. It also confirms that the OSX version will include the long-awaited audio recording feature, a powerful collection of VST/AU/AAX plugins, all the existing ‘gadgets’ found in the iOS version and a new drum gadget.

However, perhaps the best bit of the news for iOS gadget fans is that v.3 of the iOS app will also arrive on the same day and, yes, the same new drum gadget and gadgets for audio track support will be available (although there is no mention of whether these will be IAPs; I suspect they will be).

Ooh…. Gadget…. on a Mac…. and coming soon :-)

We also have confirmation of the pricing. There will be a launch price of US$199 for the desktop version but, if I understand correctly, this will include the full set of the current gadget list (30+ in total). At some stage after launch, the ‘normal’ price of US$299 will kick in. There was no statement at this point about any further pricing incentives for existing iOS Gadget owners. It will be interesting to see if Korg do offer something along these lines to ease their existing Gadget user base over to OSX – watch this space…..

Gadget for iOS is currently priced at US$49.99 (UK£38.99) but, to get the full set of IAP gadgets would get you close to that US$199 starting point for the desktop version. US$199 (the launch price) is the same as Apple’s own Logic Pro X, while the mid/top-end versions of Cubase Pro (c. US$575), Reason (c. US$370) and Ableton Live (US$350) are all more expensive.

There are, of course, lots of other desktop DAW/sequencers and options on even these examples, at a whole range of different price points….  but, at US$199/299, Korg would seem to me to be pitching right into the middle of the existing mainstream competition. This is a very crowded market place and there is huge inertia when it comes to moving between DAW/sequencers by many users because of the learning curves involved. It will, therefore, be very interesting to see what initial impact Gadget makes on OSX…. and also whether Korg push onwards towards Windows support. Hopefully, a full review of the desktop version will follow here on the blog as soon as possible after release…..  It might be a desktop app, but I’m sure many iOS Gadget users will be interested in just how the Gadget experience is on the desktop and the connectivity between the two versions.

In the meantime, it has to be said that Korg continue to impress with the iOS music app collection. If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add iPad, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, iM1, ARP ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy, they most certainly offer excellent value for money.


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    1. I have to say, while I had been looking forward to this, the price is far too inflated IMHO. If a controller was also provided, I’d probably be impressed. I had been expecting €100 intro, €200 full price, but €300 full retail price?? I’m inclined to turn away… Looking forward to your findings when you get a chance to review. A bit of perspective is needed I think. As it stands, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of raised eyebrows at the moment…

    2. Well, I have to differ…
      I have purchased Gadget for iOS at full not discounted price plus all in app purchases as well…
      All of these add up to $200…
      Gadget for Mac includes all of these plus more and AU compatibility as well for $199.
      No brainer purchase for me. Definitely getting it on the day of release :)

      • Nothing wrong with a different opinion Leslie! If the Gadget plugins are standalone and up to spec, that’s pretty interesting. Arturia V Collection pricing is similar, and that’s a good investment I think. I guess I just wouldn’t want to pay €200 again for what I already have on iOS. Ive been using a few Korgs apps (addicted to iOdysee!) with Logic already by using InterDevice Audio for audio via Audio MIDI Setup, and MIDI LE/midimttr for MIDI. One External Instrument in Logic to a channel strip, and you have full functionality… but it can be a hassle to setup at times. The idea of just having the Odysee AU to hand to just plug and play… that *could* be interesting… I just need to see a review before I would consider commiting. No rules for how you make music – just as long as it works in your workflow!

    3. To those complaining price… what do u expect on a MAC or PC platform? However, since Gadget IOS is my number one music creation tool I would be willing to pay the cost for PC platform if it ever comes.

      I haz no interest in Mac anything.

      • I probably would not buy it, either, since I already have it on iOS…but I wonder why it’s generally accepted from a consumer standpoint that a different platform gets to command a higher price for the same product (whilst I am not arguing that is the case for Gadget when considering IAP’s)? Not a slight–just being thoughtful.

        • Hi Ryan…. yes, the difference between the two platforms in pricing structure is very difficult to explain/understand… but it is also one of perception. The desktop world was here first so I guess that pricing structure for music tech software is the ‘norm’…. In that context, you might argue that it’s the iOS versions that are being offered at a bargain price (in some cases) rather than the desktop stuff being ‘over-priced’…. Whether the two different pricing models will ever migrate towards each other….? Well, who knows….? It will be interesting to see how things evolve…. Very best wishes, John

    4. I think the price is fair. ios gadget is right there at that price. With all of the IAP’s. I don’t have any interest in it on mac or PC. I’ve got it on my ipad. That’s good enough for me. All I need. :)

      • I don’t use my PC for any music creation at the moment. 100% ios. I think it’s more of an achievement making a track from start to finish on a small piece of metal and glass.

    5. I’m heavy into iOS music making but still a bit of a novice on PC desktop (not Mac) so I’m watching this from the outside, but I find the news rather interesting. Perhaps KORG will bring Gadget it to windoze one day and then I’d have to consider it. As to the price? The intro price at $199 seems reasonable, but at this point, Logic seems like a better deal.

      I’ve been using Gadget quite a bit lately and I can see the appeal of the expanded processing and display area afforded by a Mac. However, I’m looking forward to the new offerings this release will bring to the iOS app and I know a lot of people are very excited with the addition of an audio track gadget. I also like the fact that Gadget is a focal point for KORG and it would seem that support will continue on iOS for a long time.

      • Hi Toz…. I think your last point is an important one…. By porting Gadget over to the desktop, even if only OSX at this stage, it really is a significant commitment from Korg to the whole Gadget project…. and that’s got to be a good thing in terms of longevity under iOS…. Very best wishes, John

    6. ConfusedKitten says:

      Excellent (and thought provoking) news John and I don’t think the price is unreasonable (personally), it’s as you’d expect if you have any experience of paying desktop prices (Cubase Pro 9 user)! I think that’s the problem for many, there’s a whole generation of ‘new’ musicians on iOS that have little experience of how much things cost outside it! I feel this is because iOS as a platform is utterly unique in that it has made music making possible for a much wider audience via its accessible pricing model (as opposed to the professionally orientated domain of the desktop world).

      This creates somewhat of a conceptual dichotomy because a large proportion of the tools on iOS are undoubtedly professional level software; it’s just that the iOS pricing model doesn’t reflect this. Thus if your experience of buying music technology is limited to the iOS platform (only a portion of the iOS user base naturally) then there was always going to be users in a state of shock/disbelief when a casually priced mobile app suddenly spreads its wings and flies off into the ‘real’ desktop world!

      To put it into perspective, it’s common for people to pay around $200/£150 for a single plug in (which there’s an endless sea of) however Gadget for the desktop provides its gadgets as AU plugins etc, so in effect you are paying for an entire suite of AU plugins (that come with their own DAW ecosystem) currently for $199! Naturally, plugins differ in sophistication (a modelled classic EQ that’s taken years to develop is a far cry from an 8-bit drum gizmo etc) but I think it still provides some perspective. Users on the desktop are going to be able to utilise their favourite gadgets in other DAW’s etc, whilst taking advantage of the new workflow options!

      With not being a Gadget user (currently) I’m impartial; so the above is just based on thoughts and observations of my time on iOS and trying to provide some perspective on the different pricing models etc. Regardless, I’m just happy that Korg made the effort to take a much loved iOS technology to the desktop as it has exciting connotations for the future of iOS music making! Also as an Apple Pencil user I’ve noticed that’s its increasingly common to provide a workflow between iOS and the desktop world; as with many of the design tools on iOS (i.e. Pixelmator, Sketchbook, Graphic etc) so it’s exciting to see this trend extending to music software too! :)

    7. Did the Korg press release say if the audio recording feature will be free on the iOS version of Gadget, or will it be an IAP?

      I suspect a lot of people are expecting it to be free…

      • …. it’s not stated…. but as it is being delivered as a new ‘gadget’ (at least, thats my understanding), then it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was an IAP…. but we shall have to wait on further news or the release itself….. It is a significant new feature so perhaps it would not be so surprising if Korg do feel they have to charge for it. Best wishes, John

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