FuxEQ review – Matthias Rath updates his 7-band EQ AU plugin for iOS11

Download from iTunes App StoreWhile adoption of Apple’s Audio Unit (AU) plugin format has ben a bit of a slow burner under iOS, the last few months has really seen the format tack hold. Yes, we are still waiting to see some developers embrace the format (there remain some technical and financial issues I’m sure) but lots of iOS musicians are now working with the AU format, if not exclusively, then predominantly.


iOS11 is obviously the latest ‘technical’ hoop that developers are having to jump through….  but it is good to see plenty of iOS music apps – AU or otherwise – getting fine-tuned for iOS11. Among the latest to arrive is FuxEQ from developer Matthias Rath which I reviewed a little while ago here on the blog. FuxEQ is a seven band parametric EQ that operates in an AU-only format and will work on both iPad and iPhone. It requires iOS9.3 and a suitable AU-host app. It’s also a tiny download at just 2MB and priced at just UK£6.99/US$6.99.

FuxEQ – multi-band EQ in a convenient AU plugin format for iOS.

The seven bands provide both high and low shelving bands, a special high/low balance band, a low cut band (as explained below, somewhat simpler than the low shelf) and three fully parametric ‘peaking’ bands. That ought to be enough for both simple routine tasks (rolling off high or low end for example) or more surgical operations where you want to notch out a problematic frequency of carve a bit of low-end space out your massive kick drum sound for the bass sound to sit in.

Anyway, v.1.4 arrived on the App Store yesterday and, as well as a whole bunch of new presets designed by Chritian Thompson, it also brings some under-the-hood tweaks for iOS11. Having given the update a quick spin within Cubasis today, it seems to be working well and I had no problems accessing the new presets or running multiple instances.


Even if only for occasional use, some EQ choices are often good to have. I suspect I’d be more likely to turn to FuxEQ if I new I needed to get into some EQ details with a particular sound. It can do the more basic high/low cut type tasks with ease (but then so can Cubasis’ own EQs) but, for occasions when more surgical tonal shaping is required, then FuxEQ is well worth having to hand. Check out the original full review and then hit the App Store download button for further details.


Download from iTunes App Store


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