Future Drummer launched – Luis Martinez adds electronica to his excellent iOS drum machine series

Download from iTunes App StoreI’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps here on the Music App Blog over the last few years. While they might all be ‘apps’, the approaches do vary and cover a wide range of musical territory. For example, you might get apps that offer drums based upon audio loops (Drum Loops HD), sample-based virtual drum machines (I guess Patterning comes in here but it is way more than that), virtual drummers (think DrumPerfect Pro or Drum Session here), drum synths (Elastic Drums or Attack Drums or DM2 for instance) or some things that are groove orientated but perhaps a bit more experimental (Patterning again but also the brilliant Sector).

Luis Martinez has a series of ‘drum’ apps that sort of sit between the ‘virtual drummer’ and sample-based drum machines and, in many ways, offer something that is a bit of the best of both. I’ve reviewed Rock Drum Machine, Rock Drum Machine 3, Brazilian Drum MachineFunk Drummer, Soft Drummer and Afro Latin Drum Machine previously.

Future Drummer – electronic drums Luis Martinez style…..

However, there is now a new addition to Luis’ catalogue; Future Drummer arrived on the App Store around 10 days ago while I was on my ‘roadtrip‘. As the title might suggest, however, this is something slightly different in terms of musical style. While the previous apps have all focused on acoustic drum and percussion sounds, Future Drummer is very much in the electronic music category. It is, perhaps, therefore more likely to appeal to users of drum machines such as DM2, Elastic Drums or Patterning (for example).

Song Mode makes it very easy to construct a complete arrangement and add some subtle random variations and fills.

That said, sounds and patterns aside, if you are familiar with any of the other apps in the series, the basic premise here – and many of the app’s core features and UI elements – will be instantly familiar. Yes, you get pattern editing, a huge collection of presets patterns that you can mix and match between, a very easy to use Song mode, a great ‘jam’ mode and the excellent Live Pads for on-the-fly song construction/improvisation. The app also includes the very creative randomisation options that can help add variety to any patterns.

The app includes the standard effects found in all the apps within the series….

Future Drummer is a 135MB download, requires iOS8.0 or later and is a universal app. Audiobus, IAA and Ableton Link support are included, as is MIDI Clock sync MIDI control of the app is also possible. The app is priced at UK£19.99/US$19.99.

… but also adds some funky DJ-style effects to experiment with.

And while the app will be familiar to users of other apps in the series, each time Luis introduces a new app, the concept gets refined. In Future Drummer, that element comes from some DJ-like effects options that have been added and that allow you to spice up your patterns is a number of creative ways. The range of patterns supplied is impressive and there are some great electronic drum sounds to explore…..

This is another great addition to the Luis Martinez drum app series. I think the themed genre-specific nature of these apps has a lot to be said for it and this addition is top-notch stuff. I’ll do a full review of Future Drummer for the Blog at some stage next week but, if you can’t wait for that, check out the video preview below and then hit the download button to find out more. Future Drummer does, however, already come highly recommended.

Future Drummer

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Soft Drummer

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Afro Latin Drum Machine 2

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Funk Drummer

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Brazilian Drum Machine

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Rock Drum Machine 2

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