Funk Drummer update – funky drum app from Luis Martinez gets new MIDI features

Download from iTunes App StoreI’ve covered a whole bunch of different drum, percussion and groove-based apps here on the Music App Blog over the last couple of years or so including, this week, the newly released DrumPerfect Pro. However, if you are after a straightforward take on ‘rock’ drums where the results are pretty much instant and song construction requires no pattern programming, then you would be hard pressed to find something better than Rock Drum Machine by developer Luis Martinez. Luis also has other drum apps on the store such as Afro Latin Drum Machine 2, Brazilian Drum Machine and Soft Drummer. Each new release in the series gradually gets new features added and Luis then spends some time where appropriate adding the same features to others in the line….

Get funky – Funk Drummer makes it easy…. and now includes the Sound Module button located top-right :-)

Which is great because today sees the arrival of an update to the excellent Funk Drummer. There are a few bug-fixes arriving with v. 3.0 and some minor tweaks to the UI. However, perhaps the most significant change is, as with Rock Drum Machine’s recent update, Funk Drummer can now act as a ‘sound module’.

The app now offers MIDI out (so, for example, you can capture your MIDI drum data in a DAW/sequencer) and also MIDI in. The latter means that you can now trigger the excellent Live Pads from MIDI note data….  and you can also use the app as a ‘drum module’ (and the range of drum sounds it offers are pretty good) from any MIDI source. This could include an e-drum kit if you have suitable MIDI connectivity to your iPad. Anyway, a very worthwhile update and, of course, free to existing users.

The new MIDI in/out features come with comprehensive MIDI mapping options.

Funk Drummer, and the other apps in the series, don’t perhaps offer quite the level of ‘human drummer’ that you can get with DrumPerfect Pro (and that app doesn’t match what’s possible in a desktop equivalent such as Superior Drummer or BFD), but it is not a million miles away. And where Funk Drummer does succeed rather wonderfully is in being so easy to use and producing such instant, and highly useable, results.

For some instant drum/groove inspiration, whether that’s rock, Latin, Brazilian – or now funk –  these apps are pretty hard to beat. At UK£17.99/US$17.99, Funk Drummer is perhaps not a casual purchase but it does comes highly recommended…. Check out the original Funk Drummer review for further details, watch the demo video below and then hit the App Store download button to find out more :-)

Funk Drummer

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Soft Drummer

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Future Drummer

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Brazilian Drum Machine

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Rock Drum Machine

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Afro Latin Drum Machine

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