Fugue Machine SALE – bargain price on brilliant iOS sequencer concept from Alexandernaut

Download from iTunes App Store Fugue Machine logo 1 copyI reviewed the rather wonderful Fugue Machine from developer Alexandernaut when it was launched back in October. The app has caused quite a buzz online amongst the die-hard iOS music making faithful. The app is something familiar – in this case, a fairly simple piano-roll-based MIDI sequencer – but delivered with a considerable twist; multiple playheads. If you have not yet seen the app in action, then read the full review and watch the video below. Once you have seen it, you wonder why nobody had offered it up before; it’s a simple idea but, like so many simple ideas that nobody thought of before, it’s also brilliant.

The app’s first couple of updates added a couple of extra ‘headline’ features in Ableton Link support and allowing each of the four playheads to be assigned to a different MIDI output. Both of these new features considerably expand on how easy it is to capitalise on what is Fugue Machine’s start attraction; that really clever sequencer concept.

A four-headed what? Fugue Machine....  brilliant idea, beautifully executed.

A four-headed what? Fugue Machine…. brilliant idea, beautifully executed.

Anyway, on launch, Fugue Machine was priced at a very reasonable UK£7.99/US$9.99 and represented excellent value for money. However, right now, you can pick up a copy at a 50% sale price – just UK£3.99/US$4.99. I don’t know how long this pricing is set to last so, if you fancy a little of what Fugue Machine can offer, get in there quick…..

Fugue Machine is a brilliant idea that has been beautifully realised and is based upon such a simple and novel idea. As a musician, it is engaging to use – and you feel like you are actually having a musical input – but the app could also be classed as generative in nature.

Oh, and if you want to see Fugue Machine in action alongside some other Ableton Link enabled apps, Oliver Greschke has posted a couple of example videos featuring Elastic Drums and triqtraq – plus Fugue Machine – and I’ve embedded one of them below. Check it out – impressive stuff.

Fugue Machine

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