Forever Beats giveaway results – four winners of quirky step sequencer

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I did a full review of John Hussey’s Forever Beats – which made its debut on the App Store back in February (and has been on my ‘to do’ list since then; sorry!) – a week or so ago here on the Music App Blog. The app provides a pattern/step-based sequencing environment.

What is perhaps interesting is the design decisions made to pull together the specific combination of features that are included within the app. And, to keep things streamlined so that you can get creative as quickly as possible, decisions about what not to include. In a ‘make music quick’ environment – which iOS can be very good at if that’s the way you like to work – the lack of ‘feature bloat’ in an app can be an important factor. However, as you can read about in the full review, Forever Beats has a couple twists in the feature set that make it particularly interesting :-)

Forever Beats – a step sequencer environment with some interesting twists.

At a practical level, the app is iPad-only, requires iOS9.3 or later and comes as a 17MB download. It is currently priced at just UK£5.99/US$5.99…. so certainly not one to break too many banks even if purchased on a whim.

Anyway, John was kind enough to provided me with four copies of Forever Beats to give away to readers here at the Music App Blog. The draw closed yesterday and the winning names were pulled out of the hat this morning….. and the winners are:-

Steve (slaw1963)


Gabriel Martin

Miquel Adrover

The winners have now been sent an email with the details of how to get hold of their prizes. Incidentally, if you do appear as a winner in one of these giveaways and you don’t seem to have seen an email from me with the promo code details, then do make sure you check in your junk, trash or spam folders just in case your email system has ‘filed’ the message there :-)

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Each lane within a sequencer can be set to a different number of steps; polyrhythms anyone?

Forever Beats will also appeal to those who enjoy ‘live’ improvisation around an EDM theme. Set up a few sequences then, via the Breaks buttons, and perhaps ordering the sequences in the song construction part of the app, and away you go. The creative options are obvious. Anyway, well worth a look…. and certainly one to keep an eye on for further developments. Feel free to check out the full review, the short demo videos embedded below and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.

Forever Beats

Download from iTunes App Store

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