Focusrite launch iTrack One Pre – new compact mic preamp and guitar input for iOS

Finding the ‘right’ audio, MIDI or audio+MIDI interface for your iOS-based music system can be quite a challenge. There are lots of contenders, each with a different specification and a different price, but finding the combination of both that happens to tick all your own personal boxes is often quite tricky.

If you are happy with an audio-only interface and want something that is both compact and capable of very good audio quality, then Focusrite’s iTrack Solo audio interface – which I reviewed on the blog some time ago – remains a good bet.

The iTrack One Pro – a very compact audio interface for iOS.

However, for those looking for something (even more!) compact, might be interested in the new offering from Focusrite; the iTrack One Pre. This rather cool looking little cube provides a single audio in channel and, via the combi-style input jack, it is capable of supporting both a guitar signal or working with a microphone. And, if required, it can also draw power from your iOS hardware to drive phantom power for your condenser microphone.

A dedicated cable connects the hardware to your iOS device via the Lightning port. Monitoring of your audio is performed via your standard iOS hardware headphone socket which will, of course, work fine providing you don’t use an iPhone 7 (doh!). Rather neatly, the base of the unit features a suction base so, when used on a flat surface, it should stay put….  no more interface disappearing off the table under the weight of the cables plugged in :-)

The base of the unit includes a suction system for improved stability in use.

The One Pre is launched at a suggested price of €139 (so I assume a similar US$ price and a UK£ price of around UK£120 given current exchange rates?). Anyway, given Focusrite’s well-deserved reputation for audio quality, we can probably expect the audio performance to be pretty good…..  and, as soon as I can organise, I’ll get my hands on a review unit and test that for myself. Until then, you can find more information on the Focusrite website….

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    1. If I didn’t already own a Line6 Sonic Port VX (which is pretty much ideal for my needs, except that the instrument input lacks a gain control – why??!?), this box would be pretty interesting, especially if I wanted to use my own condenser mike.

      Not to be churlish, but sadly, it’s missing a couple of items I would rather appreciate. A second input would be handy – say, a dedicated guitar in, so I could record guitar and vocal at once (even if it would then be called the iTrack Two Pre!). Also: really, Focusrite, would a built-in headphone output be such a problem to include, especially as Apple seems dead-set on removing them from iDevices?

      The product website doesn’t make it clear (AFAICS) whether the iTrack One Pre can charge the iDevice from that secondary USB power port I see on there (I would assume it could, or else why is it there?). Also: can it record at 24-bit and/or 48/88.2/96kHz, as this isn’t mentioned either on the product page? (I would certainly hope so, given its price and provenance.)

      I suspect the iTrack One Pre would suit certain users perfectly, and it’s interesting to know it is out there – just not quite for me at this point in time… thanks John for the heads-up anyway!

    2. shankra says:

      Hello !
      The second usb is for mic power only ! Not the idevice…
      Personally i find it way overprised… especially vs the stereo inputs, mic, headphone output of the sonic port VX.
      Let’s not talking about the form factor and the stiker gimmic…

      Let’s not talking about my english either… ^^

    3. Cute design but I have a 7 and am looking for something with a headphone jack. I’d probably be more interested in an updated Focusrite iTrack Pocket because it doubles up as a stand and a vocal microphone. I already have a PreSonus AudioBox iOne but it’s too much of a hassle to set up a microphone stand, the condenser mike, power cables, etc. I feel that if I’m carrying that much equipment around I could just put my computer in the bag as well. The Pocket feels like something that would be more usable on the go.

    4. They make great quality stuff, but the price is waay too much for this, I think anyway.

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