fluXpad update – MoMinstruments make their left-field sample-based sequencer universal

Download from iTunes App Storefluxpad logo 1I posted a full review of fluXpad when it was first released and it is perhaps most easily summarised as a sample-based sequencing environment. Of course, at it is from the Mouse On Mars team, fluXpad does come with a typical MoM twist; you  ‘draw’ your pattern sequences for each sound. Multiple patterns (clips?) can be sequenced within a single project and these then triggers to create a full performance. As shown in the screenshots, given the ‘drawing’ element, the UI can look a little like a child’s sketchbook (!) but, if you check out the videos below (and once you have stopped laughing at the first one; it’s brilliant), you will soon realise the app is more than capable of creating some cool music.

fluXpad - not your average sequencing environment :-)

fluXpad – not your average sequencing environment :-)

In technical terms, the app requires iOS9.0 or later, and is a 99MB download and Audiobus, IAA, MIDI sync and Ableton Link are included. There are a number of demo projects to get you started and a collection of preset samples…  but you can also record your own or import samples from elsewhere. The app currently priced at a fairly modest UK£4.99/US$4.99.

The Sampler Settings panel allows you to select, import, record and – in basic ways at least – edit the samples associated with each of the seven fluXpad instruments in your project.

There have been a few updates already since launch and have added an in-app Store feature which offers new kits/projects including one free option and the others are priced starting at an also modest UK£0.99/US$0.99; if you are already a convert to the fluxPad way of music creation, then acquiring some interesting new content is hardly going to break the bank.

You get seven patterns in a project and you can create those patterns via the ‘draw your music’ approach in the main panel.

Anyway, a further update arrived on the App Store yesterday. This takes the app to v.1.1 and the biggest news is that, for the first time, fluXpad is now universal. As well as your iPad, you can now carry the app around in your pocket at all times on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Having given the app a quick spin this morning on my iPhone 6 (running iOS11), all seems to be working well and, aside from the very obvious comment that you have the confines of a smaller screen to work within, and the UI has been adjusted very slickly to accommodate this, the fluXpad experience on the iPhone is pretty much identical to that on the iPad.

Now you can have the full fluXpad experience on your iPhone :-)

Which, of course, is to say that it is just a bit bonkers :-) fluXpad is also both a lot of fun and a somewhat unconventional musical ride. If that sounds like the kind of experience you might enjoy, then read the original full review of the app here, check out the videos below and then hit the download button to find out more.



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