Flux:FX update – creative multi-effects gets 64-bit compatibility update

Download from iTunes App StoreFlux FX logoreviewed Flux:FX from Noiise on the blog when it was first released. This is a multi-effects unit and would appeal to the same sorts of musicians/sound designer types as something like Turnado, Effectrix or  csSpectral.

And, as a concluded at the end of the review, it is a pretty impressive app; slick, powerful but also pretty easy to use. It probably falls more naturally into the ‘creative’ category but, given that it offers some more conventional effects types as part of the package, you could easily put it to good use in that context if you wished.

Flux: FX - creative effects for the iOS musician - very slick and sounds awesome.

Flux: FX – creative effects for the iOS musician – very slick and sounds awesome.

Anyway, Flux: FX is not an app that has received regular updates – v1.0.1 was the most recent one and that arrived on the App Store in January 2015 – so owners could have been forgiven for thinking this might be an app that went AWOL under iOS11 and the 64-bit only environment that  iOS is on the verge of becoming.

However, perhaps catching fans of the app a little by surprise (in a good way), v.1.1 arrived on the App Store this afternoon. There is a somewhat cryptic ‘compatibility fixes’ description that goes with the update but, having given it a quick spin on my iPad Air with iOS11 installed, it seems to be working fine standalone and within Cubasis as an IAA plugin. Whether we will ever see an AU version is another matter….  although it would be great to think so, the interface is pretty busy and it might take some considerable work to re-imagine it within the more compact AU windows format.

With an asking price of UK£14.99/US$14.99, Flux:FX is excellent value for money and well worth a spot on any creative iOS musicians iPad….  Given the relatively spartan update history, some might consider it a bit of a risky punt, but the app is such a lot of fun to use that, personally, I think it’s worth it….   If you don’t already own the app, then do check out the full review and then hit the App Store download button to find out more.

Flux: FX

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Keep in mind this was co-developed with Adrian Belew as his IOS guitar app,though it works very well with must audio sources.
      Update long over due,I wrote the app off as dead last year.

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