Flora Series giveaway results – three winners of bundles of the ‘flora’ iOS audio effect apps

Download from iTunes App StoreAs I’ve posted over the last few weeks, all of the ‘Flora Series’ apps from Timothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews have been updated to a v.2.0 status, with the highlight new feature being support for the AUv.3 plugin format.

This whole series of apps are absolutely ideal for the AU format; each does a single, simple, job, they come with a compact set of controls and, even by iOS standards, they are available at a bargain price of just UK£1.99/US$1.99 each. If you regularly use a suitable AU host, the whole series is a bit of a no-brainer.

Buttercup Bitcrush – now available as an AU plugin :-)

Anyway, to celebrate the last of the series – Cactus Chorus – getting the AU treatment, Timothy was kind enough to provided me with three bundles of all six app to giveaway to readers here at the Music App Blog. The draw closed on Friday and the winning names were pulled out of the hat this morning….. and the winners are:-

Snake Breaker

Mandy Kane

Kenneth M Sutton

The winners have now been sent an email with the details of how to get hold of their prizes. Incidentally, if you do appear as a winner in one of these giveaways and you don’t seem to have seen an email from me with the promo code details, then do make sure you check in your junk, trash or spam folders just in case your email system has ‘filed’ the message there :-)

Oh, and if you want to make sure you are entered for all the promo code giveaways that I run through the Music App Blog, then get yourself on the email newsletter list – and pick up your copy of our free ’25 apps’ guide :-)

Dahlia Delay running as an AU plugin within AUM… including multiple instances :-)

If you didn’t win this time around, but want to give the various Flora Series apps a try, then hit the various download buttons to find out more….. At just UK£1.99/US$1.99, none of these apps are going to stretch your budget too far so don’t overthink it….   but there is also a ‘bundle’ that offers you a discount if buying all six….  just follow your nose on the Store to find it :-)

Buttercup Bitcrush

Download from iTunes App Store

Cactus Chorus

Download from iTunes App Store

Saffron Saturator

Download from iTunes App Store

Phlox Phaser

Download from iTunes App Store

Tiger-lily Tremolo

Download from iTunes App Store

Dahlia Delay

Download from iTunes App Store

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