FieldScaper update – Igor Vasiliev delivers a further update to his iOS sound design app

Download from iTunes App Storefieldscaper logo 1I’ve reviewed a number of Igor Vasiliev’s iOS music apps here on the blog including Audio MasteringAltiSpaceMaster FXMaster Record and SoundScaper  All these apps are excellent and deliver excellent performance combined with equally excellent value for money in a straightforward, no fuss, fashion.

SoundScaper was  bit of a departure from the more conventional audio effects processing apps Igor had previously released but it proved very popular with sound designers and more experimental electronic musicians. Indeed, so popular that, as I mentioned back in October, Igor followed it up with Fieldscaper – also a sound design tool but perhaps aimed more at capturing (and then processing) audio recorded ‘in the field’.

And, if you are a fan of SoundScaper then I suspect you are also going to like FieldScaper. With a current price of just UK£6.99/US$8.99 (and there is a bundle price for both SoundScaper and FieldScaper combined) it is also a bit of a bargain and, as FieldScaper is universal it has the added advantage that you can carry it with you anywhere on your iPhone or iPod as well as being used on an iPad.

FieldScaper - mobile sound design for the iOS masses.

FieldScaper – mobile sound capture and design tool for the iOS masses.

Anyway, a further update to the app appeared over the week-end taking it to v.1.5. Igor has, of course, attended to a few minor bugs but there are also some further refinements of the feature set. Several new presets have been added for those just getting started with the app and there have been some improvements under the hood to the audio engine. In addition, there is now a band-stop filter options in the filter section and an option to turn off the ring modulator in the distortion section.

If you have an experimental streak or just work with sound design projects, FieldScaper may well be a bit of a no-brainer. When you are out and about and want to be able to capture those interesting sounds in an instant, FieldScaper is going to be just the thing. You can create some truly wonderful – and truly weird – sounds from even the most simple of audio starting points…  Well worth a look if you like to take the occasional adventures into experimental sound…. :-)

FieldScaper – sound warp field recorder and scape constructor

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