Ferrite update – Wooji Juice refine their multi-track audio app with a difference

Download from iTunes App Storeferrite logo 1Regular iOS musicians will be familiar with development team Wooji Juice through a number of iOS music apps including the excellent Mitosynth which I reviewed here on the blog some time ago. Back in November, Wooji Juice released a new app – Ferrite – and I’ve since done a full review of that app also.

Ferrite is an audio recording app…  but with a bit of a difference. It provides a very slick ‘record it now’ interface that allows you to capture audio in double quick time and it also offers a multi-track environment so that you can layer multiple audio recordings, apply some effects, edit the contents of each track and create a mix from the finished project.

Ferrite - when is a multi-track audio recorder a DAW? Wooji Juice bring something a little different to the iOS recording world....

Ferrite – when is a multi-track audio recorder a DAW? Wooji Juice bring something a little different to the iOS recording world….

This might make Ferrite sound as if it is a DAW (audio only; no MIDI) aimed at musicians but Wooji Juice are keen to point out that that is not really their intention with Ferrite. Instead, they are aiming for something that offers the convenience of a simple audio memo recorder but with the editing capabilities of a multi-track editing environment and pitched firmly at the podcaster, radio/audio journalist and other, voice-dominated, audio applications. And, as I pointed out in the full Ferrite review, they pulled that off with some style.

The other thing worth noting is that Ferrite is a free download and is universal so it will work fine on both iPad and iPhone. Given the target audience, iPhone support might be quite significant as it gives you a multi-track recording/editing environment in your pocket at all times. The app is an 30MB download and requires iOS8.0 or later.

The app now includes a Rearrange Tracks option....

The app now includes a Rearrange Tracks option….

For many users, the free base app may be enough – you get plenty of tracks and the scope to record quite long projects – but there are two IAPs (each UK£7.99) that can add FX/automation options and unlimited tracks/duration. I suspect that once you try the free app, if you do decide the tool is useful, then the IAPs would be a good investment.

Anyway, the app received a further update a few days ago (my bad; I only just got around to giving it a spin). There are some of the usual bug-fixes but also some very useful refinements. For example, a ‘rearrange tracks’ command has been added so that you can change the track order within a project. It is now also easier to fine-tune dials as you can double tap on them to set precise values.

Double tapping on a knob allows you to then set its value precisely.

Double tapping on a knob allows you to then set its value precisely.

Other improvements include the option for creating presets of the built-in effects, an improved ‘join’ command for linking together multiple clips, improvements in how panning is handled and, under the hood, performance and stability improvements. All round, this seems like a nice update and existing users will, I’m sure, welcome the changes.

I really like Ferrite. It provides a simple, streamlined, means of capturing and then arranging multi-track audio. As per the design brief, it is a tool more suited to podcast and voice-based projects rather than music production but, in that context, it does a very good job.

I’ve no inside track here but, if Wooji Juice did expand the Ferrite feature set with musicians in mind, I suspect they would get a good response…. and there are certainly elements to how Ferrite functions that the developers of some other popular DAW/sequencers might do well to take note of.

Oh, and don’t forget that it’s a free download for the base app. Ferrite is a very attractive (doh!!) app…. what’s not to like?




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