FAC Chorus for OSX – classy chorus app ported to OSX as an AU plugin

Download from iTunes App StoreFAC Chorus arrived on the App Store a few of weeks ago and I wrote a full review of the iOS version recently here on the blog. I was suitably impressed and, in terms of basics, the app is universal, requires iOS 10.0 or later and is a modest 19MB download. It is also modestly priced at just UK£2.99/US$2.99; very much in the casual purchase price range.

What’s perhaps less modest is the feature set. As shown in the various screenshots (and I’ll get to in more detail in a minute), the apps offers a rather nice ‘studio rack’ graphical look and, thankfully, a control set that reflects that studio look (and would seem to go much further than your average stomp-box in terms of control options).

What’s also welcome is that, aside from stand-alone use (welcome, but most folks probably would not wish to use the app in that way), then app is primarily intended to be used as an Audio Unit v3 plugin. This is great to see and – finally – AU seems to be getting the attention it deserves in the majority of new effects appears now appearing on the App Store.

FAC Chorus makes it to OSX… as an AU plugin as shown here within Logic pro X.

Anyway, just as with Numerical Audio have recently done with their excellent RP-1 and RF-1 apps, Fred Corvest has now ported FAC Chorus to the desktop. At this stage, the effect is available as an AU plugin for OSX and you can purchase it directly from the Mac App Store. In all other respects, it shares the sounds and UI of the iOS app and, having been able to give it a quick spin within Logic Pro X, I can also confirm it sounds just as good as the iOS version. I don’t know whether Fed plans to offer VST and/or Windows support…  but it is great to see another indie iOS developer spread their wings onto the desktop.

The OSX AU offers the same feature set, sound, and preset collection, as the iOS version.

FAC Chorus is a classy little app. Even if only for very occasional use, I can see lots of musician finding a home for it. At UK£2.99/US$2.99, the iOS version is very much in the casual purchase price range. The OSX AU plugin is a little more pricy – UK£30.99/US$30.99 – but, in desktop terms, still at the cheaper end f the plugin spectrum. Check out the two iOS demo videos below to get an idea of what the app’s about….  and then hit the iOS App Store download button or the Mac App Store download button to find out more.

FAC Chorus OSX

Download from iTunes App Store

FAC Chorus iOS

Download from iTunes App Store

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