Eos 2 released – Audio Damage keep the iOS AU ports coming

Download from iTunes App StoreNo sooner than I’d reviewed both Rough Rider 2 and Grind Distortion by Audio Damage then they release another iOS music app; Eos 2. Audio Damage have built quite a reputation as creators of desktop plugins over the last few years and it’s great to see the software being ported over to iOS…  and they are obviously on a bit of a roll :-)

Eos 2 is a further such port and, in this case, we have an algorithmic reverb. The iOS version apparently brings exactly the same features as the desktop version both in terms of controls and sound. That is likely to be a very good thing as the desktop plugin sounds very good indeed and has gained itself some very positive reviews (for example, check out the video review embedded below).

The app runs as a stand-alone processor and offers IAA support but I suspect most folks will probably be most impressed that it is also supplied as an AUv3 so you can run it within a suitable host such as Cubasis, AUM, Audiobus, etc. as required…  and, yes, you could run multiple instances if you wished…  oh, and your hardware is up to the task. The app’s blurb does suggest that it is quite demanding in terms of CPU resources (high quality reverbs generally are) so a single instance configured as a send effect may be the best way to go.

Eos 2 reverb is a direct port of Audio Damage’s excellent desktop reverb plugin.

The app includes a number of different reverb algorithms and the control set then allows you to tweak these to suit your needs. So, whether you need a super-short, super-subtle, ambience for a vocal to add just a sense of space, or an extended ‘mega-‘verb’ for an ambient pad sound….  well, Eos 2 ought to be able to offer something suitable.

Anyway, Eos 2 is a universal app and requires iOS9.3 or later. It is priced at a modest UK£5.99/US$5.99. If it’s as good as Audio Damage’s other iOS offers, then we are in for another treat. Oh, and by the way, there are apparently other apps already in the pipeline :-) Check out the desktop demo video below….  and then hit the App Store download button to find out more. A full review will follow shortly….

Eos 2 reverb

Download from iTunes App Store

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