Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app goes universal

Download from iTunes App StoreElastic Drums logo 2If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. I reviewed the app a few months ago and was very impressed with the sound and feature set of the first release. The app has also had couple of very useful updates since then bringing improved IAA and Audiobus support plus a number of other new features.

To this point, the app as been designed with the iPhone in mind and, while it scaled up nicly to the iPad, Oliver has been saying that an iPad/universal version of the app was in the pipeline. That update – taking the app to v.1.5 – has hit the App Store today and, if you already own the iPhone version, it is a free ‘upgrade’.

Elastic Drums - now 'universal' with full support for the larger iPad display.

Elastic Drums – now ‘universal’ with full support for the larger iPad display.

The headline feature is the ‘universal’ format and that means all sorts of tweaks to the graphical layout when used on the iPad. While I’ve only spent a little time with the new version so far, these changes certainly seem to make operation on the larger iPad screen much smoother. The graphical changes will, I’m sure, be a hit with existing and new users alike. Oh, and there is a rather nice new logo for the app also :-)

The app's new layouts on the iPad screen make for an easier workflow.

The app’s new layouts on the iPad screen make for an easier workflow.

Other changes include improvements in performance under the hood, especially for those working on older iOS hardware, the option to adjust the audio latency settings, MIDI Clock out if you want to use Elastic Drums to control tempo/playback in other iOS apps and the ability to import presents via email.

There are some excellent presets in the app to get you started.

There are some excellent presets in the app to get you started.

If you fancy an approach based upon synthesised drum sounds rather than samples, I think Elastic Drums is pretty much top of the tree under iOS at present and it has certainly been very well received by lots of users. It seems to behave well with other iOS music apps and, with a modest learning curve, it is not too difficult to get your head around…. oh, and it does sound awesome.

And if it was very good before, with the arrival of v.1.5 and it’s universal support, it is now even better. If you own the existing iPhone version, the update is a free download but, even at the current asking price of  UK£7.99, Elastic Drums is easily classed as a bit of a bargain. Check out the original review for full details on the app but, if you like your drums electronic rather than acoustic, Elastic Drums is an app well worth owning. Highly recommended…  although, in the short-term, do note Oliver’s comment below if you are still on iOS7 rather than iOS8….

Elastic Drums

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    1. Although me and dozens of kind beta testers heavily tested the iPad app with iOS 8, it looks there are some incompabilities with iOS 7 on the iPad version. The screens will look f****** up. I will try to make a fix and update that as soon as possible (will still have to wait several days for Apple to review).
      Until that, you could use the iPhone version on your iOS 7 iPad. Or update to iOS 8.
      The thing is, that the new Testflight does not support iOS 7 anymore, so all Testflight beta testers (including myself) only tested on iOS 8. I can blame this on Apple a bit, but also on me, updating all my devices with iOS 8 too fast

      • Hi Oliver… thanks for the heads-up. Like you, I’m on iOS8 with my various iDevices… so I didn’t experience these issues… Fingers crossed you can get to the bottom of it quickly and get a fix through the Apple approval process. Good luck… John

    2. It works just fine so far on my older ipad 3 running ios7. This is an amazing app. The update appeared a few hours ago and I have done nothing but play with this since. The automation is exceptional. Thanks Oliver for such a great app! Also thank John for letting us know about how good it is.

    3. Amazing app. How about midi note out for the sequencer ?.

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