Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets tweaks – and IAPs ON SALE

Download from iTunes App StoreElastic Drums logo 2If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you will be well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. As I mentioned back in February, the app  underwent a significant update to v.2.0.  Having added support for using drum samples (via an IAP) in v.1.9, v.2.0 added Ableton Live Set Export features, re-vamped the sample import process and made further sample-based kits available via the in-app store.

Oliver is, however, one of the more active iOS developers and a further update – v.2.1.4 – arrived on the App Store late yesterday. This is mainly a maintenance update with a few minor fixes applied but it does include a new ‘share preset’ button for user presets (and that can make use of the new iOS11 Files feature) and some refinements of the instrument randomise function.

Elastic Drums – gradually working its way to ‘classic’ status in the world of iOS music apps.

If you have not yet taken the plunge but are keen to give Elastic Drums a go, then you really are missing something. Currently priced at just UK£8.99/US$8.99, this is a heck of a lot of software for a very modest price. Oliver also shared two videos this morning (I’ve embedded these below). One features a jam session that uses Elastic Drums while the other is a cool tutorial from Doug over at TheSoundTestRoom on the Elastic Drums sampler features. And, to celebrate both, two of the IAP elements used within the videos – the Futuristic Synths IAP and the sample Import IAP – are on 50% sale pricing for a few days (UK£1.99/US$1.99 rather than UK£3.99/US$3.99).

Anyway, check out the original review for full details on the app and the videos provided by Oliver below…  but Elastic Drums is an app well worth owning…. Hit the App Store download button to find out more.

Elastic Drums

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