Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app reaches v.2.0

Download from iTunes App StoreElastic Drums logo 2If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. As I mentioned back in October, the app underwent a significant update to v.1.9.  And, while Elastic Drums is still very much about drum synthesis, it you want to complement that with some sample-based sounds – drum or otherwise – you now can; via an inexpensive IAP, you can now add the Sampler Engine feature.

We have seen had a number of further updates since then with new samples added via a further IAP and various bits of fine-tuning and workflow refinement. However, today see the arrival of a further update and v.2.0 has now hit the App Store.

Elastic Drums – now stands at v.2.0 :-)

There are some excellent new additions and changes. For example, the Ableton Live Set Export features that have appeared in a few iOS music apps over recent months (for example, to Blocs Wave) are now also included in Elastic Drums. In addition, the audio recording section of the app has been re-worked to offer better sharing features. Importing samples has also been refined as you can now send ZIP files to Elastic Drums via email. This makes it much easier to import batches of samples in a single operation. A further new IAP sample-based kit has also been added created by DJ Elephant Power.

Ableton Live Sets Export is now included as an option within Elastic Drums…..

Anyway, it’s great to see Oliver keeping up with the development progress….  However, there is one item listed in the update description that will, I suspect, cause more chatter amongst long-standing iOS musicians than any other; Elastic Drums v.2.0 is, apparently, ‘Audiobus 3 ready’. Your guess is as good as mine as to what that might actually mean or indicate but, presumably, Oliver has some developer-based insider knowledge as to what is in store for Audiobus 3….  It is, however, tempting to suggest that Audiobus 3 might not be so far away if other apps are now able to embed support…???

Audiobus speculation aside, if you have not yet taken the plunge but are keen to give Elastic Drums a go, for UK£11.99/US$11.99 for the base app it is a heck of a lot of software for a very modest price. Do budget for the Sampler IAP though as this is an excellent addition. Anyway, check out the original review for full details on the app and the video provided by Oliver on the new features introduced in both the v.1.6 and v.1.9 updates…  but Elastic Drums is an app well worth owning….

Elastic Drums

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