Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets some timing tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreElastic Drums logo 2If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars.

The app was great on first launch but Oliver has released a steady stream of very useful updates since then bringing improved IAA and Audiobus support plus a number of other new features, including, in v.1.5, becoming ‘universal’ and offering graphical layouts that were able to capitalise of the larger screen format offered by the iPad. In v.1.6, Oliver added Audiobus Remote support and the new ‘jam’ feature, while v.1.7 added support for Ableton Link.

Elastic Drums in action - and tightly locked to other iOS music apps via Ableton Link.

Elastic Drums in action – and tightly locked to other iOS music apps via Ableton Link.

Oliver is one of the developers who likes to keep the updates coming. Under iOS, I think that’s a great thing for users as it shows an app is being regularly worked on (that is, it is not in development mothballs). There have been half-a-dozen of so v.1.7.X updates over the last six months or so and a further update – taking the app to v.1.8.0 – landed on the App Store earlier today. This brings a single fix but, for some users, I suspect it is a welcome one; there is a clock fix for some occasional glitches in the sequencer timing. I’d not experienced any issues of this front in my own usage of the app so I can’t comment much further (other than to say that some folks of much more sensitive to subtle timing issues than others). Oliver has already promised some more significant new features for the app as ‘coming soon’….  so watch this space for further news :-)

If you have not yet taken the plunge but are keen to give Elastic Drums, instead of the usual UK£9.99 price, the app is currently available for just UK£5.99/US$7.99. Given just what is on offer, the app is easily classed as a bit of a bargain. Check out the original review for full details on the app and the video provided by Oliver on the new features introduced in v.1.6…  but Elastic Drums is an app well worth owning….

Elastic Drums

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    1. Yesterday I needed a simple snare drum sound, that also sounded like a gunshot, for a video project. I decided to create the snare on my ipad so I opened Elastic Drums. I was so overwhelmed with ways I could approach this simple task I left the app, and instead adapted one of the snares in Diode 108, which has a few nice basic acoustic kits. It’s a compliment to elastic drums that I didn’t know where to begin, and if I had more time I would enjoy even creating some weird, unique snare with it. The percussive automation ability is supurb with this app.

    2. alex fletcher says:

      One to own and new sampler just makes it solid.Nice review John.

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