Egoist update – Sugar Bytes bring their brilliant iOS groove instrument up-to-date

Download from iTunes App StoreEgoist logoSugar Bytes have built quite a fan base amongst iOS musicians with apps such as Effectrix (a step-based multi-effects sequencer), Turnado (real-time multi-effects), Thesys (a very powerful step-sequencer plugin), Cyclop (their mono/bass synth instrument) and Unique (a powerful synth).

Their other headline app – Egoist – which I reviewed when it was released, caused quite a stir and, if you are into electronic music production combining sliced loops, bass grooves and drum beats, the app ought to be right up your street. While Egoist will not be the cheapest iOS music app you ever buy – it is currently listed at UK£28.99/US$29.99 – it is still a pretty good deal when you consider it offers all the functionality of the desktop version and that has a list price of US$99/€99. As well as super-easy drum and bass part sequencing using a pattern based approach, and a generous dollop of creative effects, you also get the rather excellent – and hugely creative – beat slicing options.

Egoist – Sugar Bytes in full flow with their quirky groove instrument.

Anyway, Egoist has been updated to v.1.5.2 over the week-end. As far as I’m aware, this is the first Sugar Bytes iOS music app to get updated in a little while. I wouldn’t read too much into that fact – they tend to keep updated to a minimum providing the software is in good working order and their overall quality control seems pretty good – but it is good to see some activity once in a while. In this case, the update deals with a couple of minor changes – a bug handling 16-bit AIFF audio files has been squashed and the preset change feature refined – and also perhaps a more significant one; Audiobus 3 support has been added.

Egoist now includes Audiobus 3 support and, as shown here, including Audiobus 3 MIDI support.

Having given this a quick spin this morning, this also seems to include support for the MIDI routing capabilities of Audiobus 3. Here’s hoping that other Sugar Bytes iOs music apps are now going to get the same treatment. Of course, the technical elephant in the room for lots of iOS music app developers is AU support….  and given the somewhat busy nature of the usual (slightly bonkers!) UIs of most Sugar Bytes apps, I can understand why AU implementation under iOS might be a challenge. It would, however, be great to see….  fingers crossed.

As ever, Sugar Bytes have bought their own particular slant to the whole beat-slicing/groove workstation concept and, while there are other apps that perhaps fulfil a similar role, you always know you are in for an interesting ride – and something just a bit different – from Sugar Bytes. Egoist lives up to that expectation. It is a brilliant ‘ideas quick’ tool and, if you are into electronic or dance music styles, is well worth exploring. Check out the original full review here….  but Egoist comes highly recommended. Hit the download button to find out more via the App Store…..


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. The old version is 387Mb in size while this new update bumps it up to 884Mb… anyone know why?

      Have they added a heap of new stuff like new smaples? Or is it just bloat?

    2. Let’s hope something has been added, ‘cause 457mb extra would surely take the record for bloat.

    3. User “telecharge” on the Audiobus forum emailed the dev and got this response:

      ” We accidentally uploaded an installer with a wrong sample files format (waves instead of M4As). That’s why the size of Egoist unfortunately increased with our latest update. Sorry for this! We will of course come up with a new version where the samples get back their M4A format. “

      • :-) That further update is now on the App Store and comes in a little over 400MB…. Best wishes, John

        • John, any word on why the program has become so unresponsive in (at least) larger iPad pros (which ironically are ideal for running the app) ?

    4. I have to say the graphic response on the controls are very laggy on my iPP 9.7, especially when the track is playing, which makes adjusting on the go very fiddly. I don’t remember how the earlier version was, but it runs completely smoothly on my iP 2 running iOS 7 with the lastest version of the app for that OS.

      • IM also having this problem…. slow to unresponsive control while running but an earlier version on an older iPad running smooth as silk… no other sugar bytes apps are acting like this.

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