Egoist update – Sugar Bytes update their brilliant iOS groove instrument

Download from iTunes App StoreEgoist logoSugar Bytes have built quite a fan base amongst iOS musicians with apps such as Effectrix (a step-based multi-effects sequencer), Turnado (real-time multi-effects), Thesys (a very powerful step-sequencer plugin) and Cyclop (their mono/bass synth instrument). Their other headline app – Egoist – which I reviewed when it was released, caused quite a stir and, if you are into electronic music production combining sliced loops, bass grooves and drum beats, the app ought to be right up your street.

While Egoist will not be the cheapest iOS music app you ever buy – it is currently listed at UK£22.99 – is is still a pretty good deal when you consider it offers all the functionality of the desktop version and that has a list price of US$99/€99. As well as super-easy drum and bass part sequencing using a pattern based approach, and a generous dollop of creative effects, you also get the rather excellent – and hugely creative – beat slicing options.

Egoist; loop slicing, bass and beat groove-box all in a very streamlined and creative workflow

Egoist; loop slicing, bass and beat groove-box all in a very streamlined and creative workflow

Anyway, just as with a number of the other Sugar Bytes apps listed above, Egoist has now joined the post-iOS9 update club; v.1.0.10 arrived on the App Store this morning. As might be expected,this update brings improved compatibility for iOS9 and updates to the Audiobus, Audioshare and Audiocopy SDKs. Having given Egoist a swift run through this morning within Audiobus everything seemed to be working very smoothly.

As ever, Sugar Bytes have bought their own particular slant to the whole beat-slicing/groove workstation concept and, while there are other apps that perhaps fulfil a similar role, you always know you are in for an interesting ride – and something just a bit different – from Sugar Bytes. Egoist lives up to that expectation. It is a brilliant ‘ideas quick’ tool and, if you are into electronic or dance music styles, is well worth exploring. Check out the original full review here….  but Egoist comes highly recommended.


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    1. José Santamaria says:

      The update broke Egoist, you cant load any of the preset samples anymore.
      iPad Air on iOS 8 here

      • Hi Jose…. a bit odd this one…. I can load the full Egoist presets at this end without any problems… and, if I use the left/right arrows for stepping through the included samples, then I can load them fine…. but, as you imply, if I actually tap on the sample selection button and try to select a sample from the selection panel that pops up, then nothing actually gets loaded. I don’t know if SB are aware of the bug but I’ll drop my contact there a line and see if they have a fix in the pipeline….

        Best wishes, John

      • I’m having exactly the same issue. I’m a little riled as ive just bought this, and as far as the app store goes, this is premium pricing.

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