Effectrix updated – Sugar Bytes add Ableton Link support to their iOS multi-effects sequencer app

effectrix logoI don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of the iOS apps produced by Sugar Bytes and I’ve reviewed Turnado, EffectrixWOW FilterboxThesysEgoist and Cyclop on the Music App Blog at one stage or another. These are all brilliant and I use all of them on a regular basis (as well as the desktop versions of Egoist, Turnado and Thesys). Sugar Bytes are not, however, one of the developers who are pushing out a constant stream of updates so it is always good to see a favourite app of theirs get a bit of a re-fresh. In this case the app in question is Effectrix which, in moving to v.1.1.5, has had its first update in nearly a year.

At one level, Effectrix is a multi-effects processor. The app contains a suite 14 different effects processors that go from the standard (reverb and delay for example) to the not-so-standard (stutter and scratch loop, for example) and allow you to combine these in all sorts of ways so you can either add some subtle enhancements to your source audio or you can mangle it to within an inch of its life (or anything in between).

Effectrix - Sugar Bytes step-based effects sequencer now includes Ableton Link support.

Effectrix – Sugar Bytes step-based effects sequencer now includes Ableton Link support.

In contrast with Turnado, however, with Effectrix, what you also get is essentially a step-based pattern sequencer but, instead of placing synth notes or drum hits within that sequencer, you place effects. And as the sequencer plays – hopefully fully in sync with your source audio – it is then processed through any of the effects that are ‘active’ on any given step within the sequence. And the results can be super-cool and very creative.

Anyway, the update description only contains one entry…  but it is a very welcome one; Ableton Link is now supported. In an app such as Effectrix – whose sole purpose is to apply pattern-based (and therefore tempo-matched) effects to your audio, that’s obviously a big plus. Sugar Bytes added Ableton Link to their monster mono-synth Cyclop back in  January….  so it is perhaps a bit of a surprise that this update to Effectrix has been quite so long coming….  Maybe we can also hope to see Ableton Link reach Egoist at some stage?

Yay! Ableton Link :-)

Yay! Ableton Link :-)

Having given the update a brief workout in AUM this morning…  and linked to Patterning via Ableton Link (and also processing Patterning’s output; that’s a combination well worth trying), Effectrix behaved very well and I had no problems getting the apps to stay in sync with each other. Ableton Link really has been one of the bit steps forward for iOS music tech over the last 12 months or so….

Sync'ed with Link, this is quite a combination :-)

Sync’ed with Link, this is quite a combination :-)

If you haven’t given Effectrix a try yet, then do check out the original review linked to above and the various posts on the previous updates. While all Sugar Bytes apps are closer to the top-end of the usual iOS music app price range – Effectrix itself is currently priced at UK£13.49/US$17.99, I’d have no hesitation is saying it is still very good value. If you like you effects creative rather than conventional, then both Turnado and Effectrix provide the more adventurous of music producer with a really wild ride in terms of audio effects.

All os Sugar Bytes software packs in a lot of features and, as a consequence, these apps do take some learning (although there is excellent PDF documentation) but, if you have an experimental streak in your electronic music productions, they are all brilliant. Anyway, Effectrix with added Ableton Link, comes highly recommend. Here’s hoping Ableton Link is also due in Egoist sometime soon :-)


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