Echo Pitch update – versatile and creative delay iOS effect app gets universal support

Download from iTunes App StoreI did a bit of a ‘catch up’ review of Echo Pitch a week or so ago here on the Music App Blog. The app is developed by Avi Bortnick and Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas and first appeared on the App Store back in December 2016. However, at that stage, it was stand-alone only and it wasn’t until March this year that v.1.1 added both Audiobus and IAA support, making the app a much more interesting proposition for most iOS musicians.

We do have a number of good iOS ‘delay’ type apps available already. From the bread and butter delay options that are supplied with most DAW/sequencer apps, the delay ‘stomp boxes’ often included in most virtual guitar rig apps, through to dedicated delay-based effects apps from other developers. Yep, there is plenty of choice….   but Echo Pitch – with its very modest UK£2.99/US$2.99 asking price – actually manages to add a bit of a twist.

Echo Pitch – just how creative do you want to get with your delay and pitch-shifting effects?

While the app can most certainly do fairly standard delay treatments, I’m not sure that’s really what the development team had in mind as its primary intention. No, this is much more in the ‘let’s get creative’ bracket of delay apps. Indeed, not only does Echo Pitch offer four very flexible delay lines each with their own set of delay controls, it also offers a ‘master delay’ (yes, you can add delay to all the delays) and each of the four primary delay lines can also be re-routed back into each other. And, in addition, each of the primary delay lines also offers pitch-shifting applied in real-real time (so you have a harmonizer) and there is a mini guitar amp sim and reverb effect also built in. Sound interesting?

Anyway, the app received a further update over the week-end taking it to v.2.0. There is only one change to report but it is a good one and addresses an issue (in fact, two issues) I mentioned in my original review. While the app had been designed for iPhone (and it scaled up on an iPad, Avi has now made the app ‘universal’. That’s a good thing….  but the other consequence is that there is now a dedicated landscape layout for the iPad version that allows you to see all eight rotary controls for each delay line on a single (landscape) screen layout. This is certainly a help in terms of workflow.

Yay – Echo Pitch is now universal and features a dedicated landscape UI mode on iPad where you can see all the controls for each delay line in a single screen.

The app currently requires iOS9.3 or later, is a 5MB download, is universal (although obviously designed more with the iPhone UI in mind given the portrait orientation of the graphics) and, as mentioned above, now includes both Audiobus and IAA support. And, at just UK£2.99/US$2.99, this is a pocket-money price for what, on paper, sounds like a pretty creative delay tool.

OK, OTT creative delay effects might not be everyone’s thing, so this is perhaps not a ‘must have’ app for every iOS musician. But for those ambient sound folk, at such a modest price, Echo Pitch is well worth a speculative punt, even if only for occasional use. Anyway, plenty of creative bank for buck is offered so, if you want to a practical demonstration, then check out the video below for a quick demo, read the full Echo Pitch review…. and then hit the Download button to find out more via the App Store…..

Echo Pitch

Download from iTunes App Store

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