Duet Display update – fine-tuning for desktop screen extender app and ON SALE

Download from iTunes App StoreDuet logoI tend to focus here on the Music App Blog on iOS-based music production topics but, as regular readers will be aware, I also use a desktop-based music production system. In my own case, that work is predominantly built around an iMac running Steinberg’s Cubase.

Of course, these two systems – iOS and OSX – are not mutually exclusive; they can be used together and I reviewed Duet Display – an interesting utility that can help make that happen – here on the blog some time ago. Duet Display essentially allows you to use your iPad as a monitor extension for your desktop computer, giving you extra screen space and, rather wonderfully, touchscreen control of your desktop software. It has become a firm favourite here at Music App Blog HQ when I’m working on my desktop system.

Duet Display working on my iPad Pro and connected to my OSX desktop system. In this case, I have the Cubase MixConsole and Transport panel working available on my iPad screen.

Duet Display working on my iPad Pro and connected to my OSX desktop system. In this case, I have the Cubase MixConsole and Transport Panel working available on my iPad screen.

When I posted my original review of Duet Display, it was OSX only with a free ‘server’ app available for OSX but Windows support has since been added and, if you go to the Duet Display website, you can download a Windows-based server app required for your desktop to get it configured and working.

Anyway, a further update has appeared on the App Store a couple of days ago taking the iOS app to v.1.3.9. This adds options for more touchscreen gestures, support for the Touchbar on the newer range of MacBooks and a collection of minor bugfixes.

And, while you don’t get multi-touch support (just one finger at a time or your mouse), it is still pretty cool to be able to control some desktop functions  – such as a mixer fader or transport control – from the touchscreen. Of course, you can use the system with any desktop software, be it other music software/DAWs or other creative/office software…  if you want a bit of extra screen space, this is a neat way to get it.

Duet Display looks likes it is ready for the new iPad Pro....

Duet Display supports the larger format iPad Pro….

Anyway, if you fancy the idea of using your iPad to provide a bit of extra screen space and touchscreen control for your desktop system – OSX or Windows – then Duet Display is well worth checking out. This is an app I’ve already had plenty of use out of. It’s always a good idea to make sure you are using the latest OSX/Windows ‘server’ software that’s available from the Duet Display website but, that aside, the connection between the app and the desktop (on my OSX system at least) does seem to be pretty solid.

Oh, and the iOS app is currently on a limited time SALE. If you are quick, you can pick up a copy for just UK£14.99/US$14.99, 30% off the usual price. not a bad deal to turn your iPad into a display extension for your desktop system :-)  Check out the original Duet Display review here, watch the demo video below, and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.

Duet Display

Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. Very cool.
      I know a professional that’s on his way to a Star Trek viewscreen syndrome that could use this.
      Writing & tracking w/a keyboardist, me too, THX John!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Duet adds the Touch Bar with ANY Mac, not just the new MacBooks. Duet also features Multitouch gestures, you stated single touch only.

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