DrumStudio update – compact iOS playable drum kit app with sequencer gets 64-bit support

Download from iTunes App StoreI’ve never quite got around to doing a full review of Rollerchimp’s DrumStudio app but I did give it a mention in my most recent iteration of the the blog’s Drum App Roundup article. Drum Studio provides another take on the playable virtual drum kit. The visual representation of the drum kit is nice and includes both a cowbell and some hand drums in addition to the usual kick, snare, hi-hat, toms and cymbals.

Anyway, with Audiobus and IAA support, the app has ticked quietly along as iOS itself has been updated and, while the update history hasn’t included rafts of new features, as a tool for tapping our some drum parts, it’s easy to use and does its job with a minimum of fuss. However, the most recent update was back in March 2015 and two years is a long time in iOS music technology.

DrumStudio – just get playing :-)

Thankfully, a further update has arrived today taking the app to v.1.8.1. OK, so there are no new features such as AU support, but the update does bring 64-bit support under iOS10 so, in that context, the app now up-to-date and ready for the next round of iOS hardware and operating system changes.

As well as a playable virtual kit, you also get a drum tab sequencer….

At just UK£3.99/US$3.99, DrumStudio is unlikely to break anyone’s bank and, for those drummers that like to notate their drum parts or who are happy to compose using drum notation,  the app includes a rather nice drum sequencer environment. This is, therefore, an app you can both ‘play’ and program. There is also an internal recording facility (with audio export), MIDI export, a number of different kits included and support for a range of different time signatures. Anyway, well worth a look and now, with 64-bit support, likely to be around for the long haul :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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