DrumPerfect updated – v.1.0.3 brings better sync to other apps

Download from iTunes App Storedrumperfect logo 2As regular readers on the site will know, I’m a big fan of Marinus Molengraft’s virtual drummer app DrumPerfect. It’s not quite an iOS version of something like BFD3 or Superior Drummer 2 on the desktop but, for ‘real’ sounding acoustic drum performances that are fully programmable, DrumPerfect is best there currently is on your iPad under iOS7.

I reviewed the v.1.02 update a few weeks ago that introduced the excellent all-in-one grid editor for pattern creation and the option for choking strokes. The gird editor in particular was a big step forward and makes programming your initial patterns much easier.

A further update – taking the app to v.1.03 – has been released this week. While this brings a number of minor bug fixes, there are also some more notable improvements and new features. For example, there are now three colour schemes (themes) to choose between. I quite like the ‘blue’ option (a little more cheerful than the ‘classic’ option) but there is also a ‘wood’ option if you prefer your apps to look like laminate flooring :-)

DrumPerfect can now come in 'blue' but there is also a 'wood' theme if you prefer....

DrumPerfect can now come in ‘blue’ but there is also a ‘wood’ theme if you prefer….

Other improvements include faster response in the Grid Editor, easy delete option in the pattern, kit, sample and song lists and the ability to do separate track rendering to Dropbox. However, perhaps the most significant improvement is in the sync between DrumPerfect and other apps. This is at two levels. First, the MIDI-based Clock sync has been improved. Having tried this with Cubasis as the MIDI Clock master, I had no real issues with DrumPerfect; it seemed to play fairly tightly with Cubasis and was happy to start/stop alongside Cubasis in response to the Cubasis transport controls.

Sync with Cubasis seemed pretty good both via standard MIDI Clock and when used as an IAA app.

Sync with Cubasis seemed pretty good both via standard MIDI Clock when used with Audiobus and when used as an IAA app.

Second, this version also adds song pointer/tempo sync via IAA. While I haven’t done any rigorous testing, having given this a try also using Cubasis as my IAA host, it does seem to produce a pretty tight sync. I’d happily use DrumPerfect in this fashion as part of a Cubasis project…  I just wish Steinberg would do something about the ‘invisible IAA app list’ bug that makes it difficult to select any IAA app beyond the first 18 or so in the list other than by random trial and error. Maybe in v.1.8 that’s due later this month?  Fingers crossed….

With the new grid-based editing option, I’ve been spending a lot more time with DrumPerfect over recent weeks. There are, of course, still lots of things it would be great to see added to the app – more patterns and the option for more drum samples (perhaps via an IAP?), for example – but it really is a very clever app. While I’m still happy to work with audio drum loops when I need to knock a drum performance together in double quick time, if I’m after something that lives and breathes like a real drummer but without actually recording a real drummer then, on my iPad at least, DrumPerfect is absolutely the way to go.


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    1. Chris Catalano says:

      Oh my, when I first reopened it and saw the “wood option”, I was a bit choked! When I found the new Blue, quite the opposite! I love that blue! Sometimes a GUI look makes me want to explore a little deeper, believe it or not…I love the sound of the default kick and snare,but must admit I need to spend a good chunk of time to really get the most out of this obviously very well thought out app…

    2. Cheers John,

      Still to spend some quality time with this app – the demands of the day jobs are fully responsible! But fantastic to see a developer so committed to their work – top marks!!

      +1 for Steinberg fixing the IAA bug :-D

    3. This is one of the few apps that I really have held out on for months (in part because of price, in part because of performance concerns – some of which have since been tweaked/improved). I have no doubt, however, that it’s a great product.

      John mentioned wishing there were more drum samples…doesn’t the app allow you to import your own? And how does this work, exactly, given all the different levels of velocity and variation?

      The two apps that work best with drum samples (.wav files) in my opinion are EasyBeats 3 and Jam Maestro. EB3 actually allows you to import a zip file, which usually is only a MB or two with “Open In”, and then it has your drum samples arranged in order from 01 to 16, as you numbered the files. Wondering if some of the free sample kits I have on my PC could also be imported into DrumPerfect, and how tedious that would or wouldn’t be…

      • Hi Jeff, yes you can import your own samples and it is not too big a chore. The way the app gets around the velocity layer issue is one of the very clever elements of the design. Have another look at my original review as I think I discussed this there…. very neat :-) best wishes, John

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