DrumPerfect Pro update – significant update for excellent iOS virtual drummer app

Download from iTunes App Storedrumperfect logo 1When the original DrumPerfect was released, it caused quite a stir amongst iOS musicians. While we have not been short of drum-based apps, in terms of realistic acoustic drum performance, DrumPerfect was a bit of a revelation.

OK, so it wasn’t perhaps the most beautiful software to look at, and the workflow could, at times, have been somewhat slicker, but the ingenious sample playback engine managed to squeeze a remarkable level of sonic detail from a pretty modest sample pot and the ‘humanize’ options really did work. For acoustic drums that sounded like a the might have been played by a real drummer, DrumPerfect was, at the time, a big step forward.

Developer Marinus Molengraft (and eventually joined by Gilbert Medam) bought a number of updates to the original release and improved things further. However, perhaps the biggest leap was back in January 2016 when DrumPerfect Pro appeared. Yes, this was a ‘new’ app (although there was a ‘bundle’ option for owners of the original so they could get the new app at something of a discount) but it offered an improved UI, some significant new features (including Ableton Link), expanded sample sets and MIDI loop sets (plus further options from IAPs) and lots of workflow refinements.

DrumPerfect Pro…. now moves to v.2.1 with a number of new features.

Somewhat amazingly, the app has not received a single update since release…  until this week, when v.2.1 arrived on the App Store. It’s been worth he wait though…  there are a lot of new features added in this release.

For example, you now get compression options for each drum instrument, 100 additional room impulses for the convolution reverb and the option for individual, per-drum, send levels to the reverb (roomy snare, dry kick!), export options for stems (so you can take your drum part over to your DAW and fine-tune the mix there), improved backup options, support for Audiobus Remote and four new additional sound packs (samples plus MIDI loops).

There are other changes and additions also but perhaps the highlight of these is that DrumPerfect Pro now offers a sample editor. This allows various options for sample editing including a 21 band EQ. I’ve only had a quick play with this so far but it would certainly allow you to customise your sounds in some detail. Here’s hoping the development team put together a tutorial video because this looks like it could be quite deep.

You can now dig into your samples and do some editing within DrumPerfect Pro.

I’ve also had a chance to play with a number of the IAP sample packs. The Store now offers 10 different add-on packs in a range of musical styles. There is now some great content here and if you really get into the DrumPerfect Pro way of working, these are well worth exploring. As a quick aside, I did experience a couple of very minor technical issues while working my way through the update’s new features. However, having exchanged emails with Marinus about the problem, he was very quickly on the case and a further update has already appeared that provides a fix. It’s great to see a developer respond so efficiently to user issues.

The DrumPerfect pro Store now has additional items in stock….

If you are after an iOS equivalent of Superior Drummer or BFD3 on the desktop, DrumPerfect Pro is an obvious contender. No, it doesn’t perhaps offer the huge, multi-sample-layer options of those desktop products but then neither does it come with the price tag or hardware resource demands. It does, however, deliver some fabulous results. For acoustic drum tracks that can be made to breathe like a human drummer, DrumPerfect Pro is more than up to the task. There is, of course, also very able competition from apps such as Drum Session and Luis Martinez’s various drum apps. Check out each of the reviews….  as each brings a very different approach that will undoubtedly suit different types of user. OH, and I suspect there are a lot of users of all of these apps just waiting to see who will be first to go down the AU route…..   that would be good to see.

Anyway, at UK£20.49/US$20.99, DrumPerfect Pro is both capable and deep. It’s still not an app that you could perhaps pick up in 5 minutes, but it is certainly one that rewards an investment of time with some remarkably ‘human’ drum performances. Checkout the original review here, watch the demo video below, and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.

DrumPerfect Pro

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    1. harporius says:

      I absolutely love the sound and feel of DPP and I absolutely hate the interface. I constantly find myself stuck or lost or confused. Contrasted with the Luis Martinez stuff where you can tap tempo, hit play and you’re jammin’.

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