DrumPerfect Pro update – iOS 11 support and new mixer for excellent iOS virtual drummer app

Download from iTunes App Storedrumperfect logo 1When the original DrumPerfect was released, it caused quite a stir amongst iOS musicians. While we have not been short of drum-based apps, in terms of realistic acoustic drum performance, DrumPerfect was a bit of a revelation.

OK, so it wasn’t perhaps the most beautiful software to look at, and the workflow could, at times, have been somewhat slicker, but the ingenious sample playback engine managed to squeeze a remarkable level of sonic detail from a pretty modest sample pot and the ‘humanize’ options really did work. For acoustic drums that sounded like a the might have been played by a real drummer, DrumPerfect was, at the time, a big step forward.

DrumPerfect Pro’s main screen… and note the new item within the screen toggle buttons at the top of the display…. :-)

However, perhaps the biggest leap was back in January 2016 when DrumPerfect Pro appeared. Yes, this was a ‘new’ app (although there was a ‘bundle’ option for owners of the original so they could get the new app at something of a discount) but it offered an improved UI, some significant new features (including Ableton Link), expanded sample sets and MIDI loop sets (plus further options from IAPs) and lots of workflow refinements.

Further updates added additional new features including some sample editing features, some new IAP sample packs, Audiobus 3 support (including MIDI) and a  64-sample buffer length for those with more recent iOS hardware and who wish to keep latency to an absolute minimum. New import/export options have been added for user drum kits also.

However, the latest update has now arrived on the App Store. As might be expected, this brings iOS11 support. There are new features as well though. Marinus Molengraft has also added new features to the render function to generate additional subtle variations in the drum samples. However, perhaps the highlight from a workflow perspective is the inclusion of a rather smart new Mixer screen. This makes it much easier to configure the broad balance of your kit pieces and it also provides toggles for the pre-drum compression and send level controls to the included reverb effect.

Yay! DrumPerfect pro has a Mixer! This really does make it easier to configure the sound of your overall kit.

This is all great to see and really does plug one of the obvious ‘feature’ gaps within DrumPerfect Pro compared to some of the more popular desktop-based virtual drummer software. Do note, however, there is also one significant technical change; the update also requires you to be running iOS11. Do make sure you are aware of that before updating…..

If you are after an iOS equivalent of Superior Drummer 3 or BFD3 on the desktop, DrumPerfect Pro is an obvious contender. No, it doesn’t perhaps offer the huge, multi-sample-layer options of those desktop products but then neither does it come with the price tag or hardware resource demands. It does, however, deliver some fabulous results. For acoustic drum tracks that can be made to breathe like a human drummer, DrumPerfect Pro is more than up to the task.

DrumPerfect Pro might not offer quite the slick workflow of the best desktop drummer software but it is capable of some excellent results in a variety of musical genres.

There is, of course, also very able competition from apps such as Drum Session and Luis Martinez’s various drum apps. Check out each of the reviews….  as each brings a very different approach that will undoubtedly suit different types of user. Oh, and I suspect there are a lot of users of all of these apps just waiting to see who will be first to go down the AU route…..   that would be good to see.

Anyway, at UK£20.49/US$20.99, while the latest version is iOS11 only, DrumPerfect Pro is both capable and deep. It’s still not an app that you could perhaps pick up in 5 minutes, but it is certainly one that rewards an investment of time with some remarkably ‘human’ drum performances. Checkout the original review here, watch the demo video below, and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.

DrumPerfect Pro

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. This update does not only provide IOS support. It will run on devices with IOS 11 (and above) only. Sadly. Maybe later – the mixer looks awesome.

      • Hi Jensen…. very good point. I’ve edited the text to make sure that’s clear to folks. very best wishes, John

        • Well, I don’t think you will get the opportunity to update, before updating til IOS 11. But if you don’t own it, you will not be able to purchase it either! Could slow down sales a bit.

      • @Jensen,
        What is stopping you for upgrading to iOS 11 anyway..?
        Is it that your hardware is not supported anymore and you’re using ancient iOS device..?

    2. I’m looking for a way to get my EZDrummer/Superior arrangements (midi) into an iPad drum app – preferably the individual loops, but full song would be ok – anyone doing this with DrumPerfect or similar app?

      • I’ve done this a few times…. generally by exporting MIDI from my desktop system and importing it into Cubasis (which is where I do most of my iOS sequencing/recording). Import/export of the MIDI file is generally not an issue… but the obvious thing you then have to deal with is any MIDI note mapping based upon the drum app then used to replay the performance….. but, at worst, than can involve a little bit of note moving in the Cubasis piano roll editor….. Anyway, it works if a little clunky, and provides a way for me to take elements of a desktop project out of my studio to work on it needed…. although, having been lucky enough to move up to SD3 on the desktop, I’m not sure that any of our current iOS drum apps are in quite the same ballpark in sonic terms so its a workflow process I use rather than doing it so I can ‘finish’ something on my iPad :-) Best wishes, John

        • i use Pro Tools or Logic with SD2 (and EZD) and do the import midi for arrangements for demos and mixes – i’m just thinking of doing live 1 or 2 man gigs with loopers and looking for a relatively easy way to translate the live drum feel Toon’ stuff for iPad playback – i hit up Toon, but they seem less than enthusiastic about having an IOs playback app – seems a no-brainer and a ripe app-le for someone to grab and develop – even a re-mapper app

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