Drum Loops HD update – Go Independent Records add new loops and iOS9 support

drum loops hd logoDownload from iTunes App StoreThere are all sorts of ways to create drum tracks for your iOS-based music productions. When I want something with a genuine ‘human drummer’ feel, I’ll turn to the excellent DrumPerfect. This is as close as we currently have under iOS to the desktop software such as BFD or Superior Drummer.

However, if I’m in a hurry to catch an idea before it vanishes into thin air, then I’m happy to turn to some audio drum loops, and a suitable bit of loop arranging, to give myself a drum track to work from.

One excellent source of both drum and percussion loops comes from Go Independent Records – Drum Loops HD and Percussion Loops HD – and I have reviewed both of these iOS music apps here on the Music App Blog. Essentially, what you are getting is a series of drum loops played at different tempos and in different musical styles. For Drum Loops HD (UK£7.99), each style/tempo combination contains five different loops and three related fills. Most of the loops are either 2 or 4 bars in length.

In addition, you get two versions of each loop; ‘modern’ and ‘vintage’.  The modern version is generally cleaner and reasonably dry while the vintage version has a little more of a room sound apparently recorded with an additional set of vintage room mics around the kit. Both, however, sound good and, as the drum kit and recordings sound very consistent across all the different styles, there is no reason at all why you couldn’t mix and match loops between styles.

Drum Loops HD; now with iOS8 support and easier import into Garageband.

Drum Loops HD; now with iOS8 support and easier import into Garageband.

Go Independent Records released an update to Drum Loops HD today taking the app to v.2.1. The new version brings with iOS9 support (the Audiobus SDK has been updated) but, most welcome, also some additional loops in a new ‘chapter’ based around Jazz Waltz styles. If gentle smooth jazz if your thing then I suspect you will like these loops a lot.

Drum Lops HD; iOS9 and Jazz Waltz ready :-)

Drum Lops HD; iOS9 and Jazz Waltz ready :-)

If you think some great sounding audio drum loops might provide you with a fast and efficient route to your next drum track, then check out the original review of Drum Loops HD and then hit the download button to pick up a copy of this neat loop library in an app format. Very good value for money and now happy to work with iOS9.

Drum Loops HD

Percussion Loops HD

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