DM2 update – further tweaks for Audionomy’s excellent iOS drum synth app

Download from iTunes App StoreDM2 logo 1I was hugely impressed when I reviewed DM2 drum synth from Pascal Douillard’s Audionomy development team on initial release. DM2 made a brilliant debut and, while it has enough features to keep the more experienced drum programmers happy, it is also very accessible to those new to drum machine programming or drum synthesis.

Of course, DM2 also offered Audiobus, IAA, MIDI in/out, MIDI Clock sync and (hooray!) Ableton Link from the off. DM2 comes with a beautiful looking design thanks to Jonas Eriksson and the app’s drum synth engine is built upon the Pure Data audio library (and that Pascal speaks very highly of). It looks great and it sounds great….

DM2; great sounds, great looks and a great price. What’s not to like?

Anyway, a number of updates have appeared since adding a smattering of small new features and (of course) some minor fixes. However, today saw v.1.2 arrive on the App Store and this brings quite a substantial list of refinements to what is already an impressive app. In the main, these are workflow refinements. For example, saving and loading of drum kits has been improved so you can now save the current kit as a new kit (essentially creating a copy) and, when loading a kit, you can choose to load it with or without the effects. Kits can also be imported/exported if you want to move a kit between devices and iTunes File Sharing, iCloud and DropBox are amongst the formats supported. Songs can also be imported/export via the same routes.

The audio engine has also been refined to improve the sequencer timing (including an update to the MIDI engine which is now based on the Midibus library) while, within the sound design options, the Pitch Modulation LFO now has further waveform options that can be synced to tempo if required and changed on a per-step basis. MIDI pitchbend data can now be used to control the app’s Beat Repeat effect.

The update adds options for import/export of kits and options for loading its with or without their associated effects.

There are also some more routing fixes and refinements including an update of the Audiobus and AudioCopy SDKs, occasional noises from the compressor effect removed and a few audio glitches have been suitably dealt with. All good to see (hear) :-)

If I was looking for my first iOS drum synth, and was comfortable with the conventional approach adopted by many virtual drum machine apps, I DM2 would make for excellent choice and should certainly be considered alongside the obvious competition. Audionomy have certainly got an awful lot right with DM2 and the updates have simply improved upon a brilliant start… hats off to Pascal and his development team…. and, here’s hoping AU support might be on their ‘to do’ list , although I think it might be quite an ambitious undertaking….

Of course, the other element is the price….  currently at just UK£3.99/US$4.99, this is an absolute bargain. Check out the original DM2 review, then hit the download button to find out more….   :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. I bought this last month, and I can’t begin to tell you how great it sounds and just how much fun it is to design new kits and alter sounds!

      It is super-intuitive and easy to use, and has quickly become my favorite drum machine — after Elastic Drums, of course!

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