DM1 update – Fingerlab move their drum machine app to v.5

Download from iTunes App StoreDM1 logoWhile I love the sound of DrumPerfect for creating realistic acoustic drum performances, when it comes to something more in the classic drum machine category I tend to reach for Fingerlab’s DM1 more than any other tool…. or at least I did until iOS8 appeared and things went a bit pear shaped. Lots of users reported some very strange audio behaviour with the app after updating to v.4.2 (released in September 2014) with an unbalanced stereo image and distorted sounds.

While those users have had to wait some time, v.5.0 of DM1 has appeared on the App Store today. There are various minor tweaks and fixes, but the headline feature is a brand new audio engine with support for 64-bit iOS hardware. The app now requires iOS7 or later. There are some other minor changes. For example, you now get a live waveform display when using the FX pads and there are new algorithms used when exporting audio in WAV or AAC formats.

The FX pads now include live waveform displays.

The FX pads now include live waveform displays.

One other notable change is that WIST support has been removed. Korg’s WIST technology for syncing iOS apps has been around for a while but, while a number of apps have supported in the past, most are now using the more generic MIDI Clock sync for the same task. Which would be fine if MIDI Clock sync was a reliable source of sync under iOS…  but, as we have heard recently from both Michael Tyson and Nic Grant, that’s not really the case.

DM1 works fine via Audiobus and IAA but the IAA support still requires some further refinement.

DM1 works fine via Audiobus and IAA but the IAA support still requires some further refinement.

Having given the new update a bit of spin this morning, it was great to hear DM1’s audio output fully restored (at least, it seems that way on my iPad Air test system); welcome back DM1 :-) However, it wasn’t all good news. I couldn’t seem to get DM1 to sync to the Cubasis transport controls in any reliable fashion (which I have been able to do in the past) and it would also appear that the IAA support (perhaps in adapting to the new version of Audiobus required fro iOS8?) is still a work in progress. The button to switch back to your iAA host seems to have be removed, for example and, while I could get tempo data from Cubasis to DM1, I could get transport sync. Hopefully, now Fingerlab have bought us v.5.0, there will be a v.5.x fairly shortly to tidy up the remaining loose ends…. fingers crossed.

Incidentally, when I first ran the new update on my test system, I was presented with a splash screen advert on startup for a new multi-fx app by Fingerlab. This is apparently already on the US App Store but I couldn’t (yet anyway) find any further details on the UK App Store or on Fingerlab’s website. If I can find out more then I’ll pass it on….

You can read the original review of DM1 here. I really like the interface and design and, given the fairly modest UK£3.99 price for the iPad version (there is a separate version for the iPhone at UK1.49 as well as a version for OSX), it represents a very good deal. Here’s hoping Fingerlab can keep the progress going and we can get that syncing feeling back sooner rather than later….


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    1. Hi John,

      this is Pascal from Fingerlab. Thanks for the review. We are currently working on the next update with the forthcoming new Sync Engine by Michael Tyson ( This should be a great step forward regarding Midi sync. We’ll also check the IAA issues too.



      • Hi Pascal… thanks for dropping by and adding that information – very much appreciated. Hope the integration of the MIDI sync engine goes smoothly :-) keep me posted with progress. very best wishes, John

      • Great to hear that, but question still is if Mikes engine will be finalized soon

    2. By the way, the DM1 for iPhone update is coming soon with some new features.
      As well as our brand new audio app : DFX – that is currently being reviewed by Apple. It is a Quad multi-effects for iPad. Check it out.

      • Hi Pascal, thanks for the link. Looks good… and I’ve love to take a look at it when it becomes available… Feel free to drop me a line via email using the ‘Contact Us’ page on the site if that’s something you might be interested in. Very best wishes, John

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