DM1 update – Fingerlab add Instruments Mode to their iOS drum machine app

Download from iTunes App StoreDM1 logoIT’s obviously ‘drum app update day’ (or something similar) as, alongside the DM2 update today, Fingerlab have also released an update to their excellent DM1 drum machine app. Fingerlab have always kept up a pretty steady pace with regular updates to DM1 and, while I did a full review of DM1 way back when, the principles of the app remain the same.

This is a cool, sample-based, drum machine that’s both easy to use, easy to do song construction with and, over the course on many updates, has built a petty comprehensive collection of drum samples/kits covering a huge range of musical styles. Ableton Link was added to the app back in June last year making sync with other iOS music apps that much more flexible.

DM1 - now a bit of an iOS classic for sample-based drum sounds.

DM1 – now a bit of an iOS classic for sample-based drum sounds.

A significant update  – to v.6.0 – has arrived on the App Store today. Aside from the usual round of minor bug-fixes, this brings a new system of IAPs and you can (if you choose to) add any of four new Drum Kit Packs (with a total of 48 new kits) starting at just UK£0.99/US$0.99.

You can now add additional drum sounds via inexpensive IAP options…..

However, perhaps even more notable, is that you can now also use instrument sounds within the app. I’ve not had a chance to do more than just scratch the surface of what this new feature might offer but there are three melodic instruments included so you can explore the features and more available via IAP.

…. and the IAPs include some additional ‘instrument’ sounds so you can add melodic elements to your DM1 patterns.

It will be interesting to see where Fingerlab might take this feature….  and other pad-based ‘groove machine apps’ such as BeatHawk have implemented melodic instruments into their beat making in quite a polished fashion….  so it is certainly a possibility. With suitable sounds, the option for adding a bit of a bass line to your drum patterns would certainly be an attractive one….

Load an instrument kit and the pads trigger different note pitches.

What might be next for DM1? Well, what about AU as the next major feature on the ‘to do’ list? Who knows? ….but that would be great to see…. Anyway, you can read the original review of DM1 here. I really like the interface and design and, if you are quick off the mark, there is a sale on at present and you can pick up a copy of the app for just UK£4.99/US$4.99. Hit the App Store download button to find out more….


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Stephanie says:

      All great but… still no separate tracks export on iPhone :(

    2. Thanks John…just grabbed this one to replace Diode-108 (unfortunately that’s been abandoned and, being 32 bit, will soon be lost to me). DM1 seems like a pretty solid replacement. Also, I’m a a big fan of DFX from the same dev and love that Fingerlab regularly update their apps.

      • Hi Leigh…. DM1 has been around for a long time and does seem to get fairly regular attention development-wise. That’s always encouraging for users. Sadly, some apps do come and go…. It’s obviously a pretty competitive market and, I suspect, also being a niche one, quite a challenge for some developers to make the returns justify the development resources…. Enjoy DM1 :-) very best wishes, John

    3. Andy Synergy Cord / synfiniti EM says:

      Yes, I just bought the DM-1 app for my iPad and launched the app but can’t seem to find the $3.99 ALL PACK in-app purchase among the other individual packs with padlock icons on them. Where can I find it❓❓❓FINGERLAB customer service is a prostate exam. Can’t get a simple answer from them!

      • Andy Synergy Cord / synfiniti EM says:

        Never mind. Thanks anyway. Finally got a good answer from them after several unhelpful responses on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the proper answer:

        “To find the ALL PACK in-app:
        First, tap a locked drumkit to open the In-App popup,
        Then swipe from right to left to change the in-app popup page until you get the ALL PACK in-app, located in the last page in the in-app popup.”

        • Glad you got there in the end….. IAP store navigation is done in so many different ways by different developers….. Navigation can be a bit hit and miss. very best wishes, John

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