DM1 update – Fingerlab tweak the IAA support in their iOS drum machine app

Download from iTunes App StoreDM1 logoIT’s obviously ‘drum app update day’ (or something similar) as, alongside the Vatanator update, Fingerlab have also released an update to their excellent DM1 drum machine app. Fingerlab have always kept up a pretty steady pace with regular updates to DM1 and, while I did a full review of DM1 way back when, the principles of the app remain the same.

This is a cool, sample-based, drum machine that’s both easy to use, easy to do song construction with and, over the course on many updates, has built a petty comprehensive collection of drum samples/kits covering a huge range of musical styles. Ableton Link was added to the app back in June last year making sync with other iOS music apps that much more flexible.

DM1 - now a bit of an iOS classic for sample-based drum sounds.

DM1 – now a bit of an iOS classic for sample-based drum sounds.

This update is very much in the ‘fine-tuning’ category. A MIDI out bug has been squashed but the major under-the-hood change is a reworking of the IAA support to provide improved compatibility with IAA hosts such as GarageBand, AUM and Cubasis. Yes, I’m sure what many regular users might like to see is AU support for DM1 (and a number of other iOS drum apps) but, until AU takes full hold, technologies such as IAA still have a key role to play when linking multiple apps together; IAA has never been perfect, but it does a valuable job. It’s therefore good to see Fingerlab doing what they can to smooth out any rough edges in the IAA support. Maybe AU is the next major feature on the ‘to do’ list? Who knows? ….but that would be great to see….

Anyway, you can read the original review of DM1 here. I really like the interface and design and, given the fairly modest UK£4.99/US$4.99 price for the iPad version (there is a separate version for the iPhone at UK1.99/US$1.99 as well as a version for OSX), it represents a very good deal. Oh, and if you have not yet checked out Fingerlab’s excellent iOS multi-effects app DFX then you really should…  full review here….


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    1. Awesome app! My friend uses this in his live performance.

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