djay Pro updated – algoriddim’s popular DJ app gets iOS11 tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storedjay Pro logo 1One of the first apps that I reviewed on the Music App Blog back in early 2012 was djay by algoriddim. As I said at the time, I don’t lay any great claim to be a practicing DJ but the app – with its virtual decks, easy tempo matching and fun effects – is a ball to to use. It is, so a couple of my DJ friends tell me, also a pretty powerful platform for actually doing a live set and, hooked up to a decent hardware control surface, can easily form the control centre os a decent rig.

Developer algoriddim have kept the work going on with djay at some pace and version 2 of the app appeared in mid-2013. The app still comes in separate formats for iPhone and iPad (there is no Universal version as yet) but the features set has become steadily more impressive and the interface is still very slick. Even if you just want to give the whole DJ experience a bit of a go, this is an engaging app with which to do it. And, if you are a DJ who is also a VJ, there has also been the vjay app….

dJay Pro - music and video DJing in a single iPad app and with excellent support for the larger iPad Pro screen.

dJay Pro – music and video DJing in a single iPad app and with excellent support for the larger iPad Pro screen.

However, for iPad users – and, I suspect, of particular appeal to iPad Pro users, the later introduction of djay Pro in December 2015 would have been very tempting. This really does look very slick, building upon the feature sets of both djay 2 and vjay to provide an integrated iPad-only music and video playback/performance system.

djay Pro looks great on the iPad Pro screen and has a very impressive feature list.

djay Pro looks great on the iPad Pro screen and has a very impressive feature list.

The feature list was impressive and algorithm have kept the occasional updates coming to keep the app up-to-date with general iOS developments. The latest of these arrived on the App Store this week and – perhaps no surprise – the headline is that the app have been tweaked for iOS11. Interestingly, this includes support for the new drag and drop features within iOS11 and also for audio files in a FLAC format (again, only for iOS11 users). I’ve only had a chance to give the app a quick spin (doh!) on my freshly iOS11 updated iPad Air 1 as yet (I’m still holding back on my iPad Pro for the moment) and not quite got my head around the whole drag and drop thing anyway….  but the basic app seems to be working well under iOS11.

Again, I’ll admit that I’m no DJ but, at just UK£19.99/US$19.99, djay Pro is very tempting even if only used to spin a few dance tunes together for your next party night. In the right hands, however, this is a powerful app, offers good integration with DJ hardware and is beautifully presented to boot.

djay Pro

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