DFX updated – Fingerlab bring a further update for their creative multi-effects iOS music app

Download from iTunes App Store DFX logoI posted a full review of Fingerlab’s ‘DFX – Digital Multi-FX‘ iOS music app when it was first released. No prizes for guessing what the app does – DFX is a creative audio multi-effects processor – but, at UK£3.99/US$3.99, and with a very smooth and easy-to-use interface, this really is creative multi-effects for the iOS masses.

I also did a roundup article a good while ago looking at the best of the current crop of iOS music apps that fall into the ‘creative’ category and I’m going to have to update that soon…. DFX is well worth a place on that list.

DFX - multi-effects for the iOS masses and now with iOS9 support and a number of new features.

DFX – multi-effects for the iOS masses.

Fingerlab have released a number of  updates for DFX since I did my original review and all sorts of tweaks and additions have been made to the app as a result. A further update was released today, taking the app to v.2.4. This brings some refinements to the IAA support with improved compatibility when used with Garageband, AUM and Cubasis – good to see, although my own experience when using the app within Cubasis has always been pretty positive anyway.

DFX is likely to press the buttons with those iOS musicians who want to get into creative sound processing and have not, as yet, made a start. In that context, it would make a very good ‘first choice’. It would be great to see Ableton Link support added at some stage to make it easier to sync any tempo-based effects to what’s happening in your wider project…..   and, of course, AU support would also be very welcome….   The latter might be more of a challenge from a UI perspective given just how much real-time control the stand-alone version of the app packs into a single screen….   but I’ll keep my fingers crossed :-)

You can check out the full DFX review here and watch the v.2.0 video below, but DFX Digital Multi-FX is well designed and comes highly recommended. And, at just UK£3.99/US$3.99, it is also an absolute bargain to boot; well worth finding a home for.

DFX – Digital Multi-FX

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