Deregulator update – left-field echo/delay/reverb effect from CKEK software gets iPhone tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreFor the more experimentally minded, iOS has a number of very good audio effects apps that might appeal. For example, Turnado, EchoPad, Effectrix, Crystalline, birdStepper, Swoopster, WOW Filterbox and LiveFX might all fit in this particular box.

I reviewed another candidate – Deregulator by CKEK software – back in June 2014. With a pocket-money price (the app is currently UK£1.99/US$1.99), Deregulator could be described as a ‘spatial’ processor in that it focuses on stereo delay, echo and reverb effects. These types of effects are, of course, used in a conventional fashion in lots of recording contexts but that’s not what CKEK’s main man – Saveliy Kaliupanov – seems to have in mind with Deregulator :-) It’s wild, weird and quite often wonderful.

Deregulator has a new control layout; much easier to follow than in its original form :-)

Deregulator has a new control layout; much easier to follow than in its original form :-)

It was, in the initial release at least, also quite an assault on the eye… However, when v.2.0 appeared on the App Store and, amongst a number of new features (including a new logo shown here), the app’s interface has been subjected to a fairly comprehensive overhaul. Yes, it’s still quite a colourful experience but, equally, I think it is much easier to find your way around and use the app’s various settings.

A further update has appeared on the App Store today taking the app to v. 2.1. This is a mostly about maintenance with some of the associated libraries updated under the hood. However, there are also some changes to accommodate larger iPhone screen and some tweaks to the options for the IAA transport view.

Other than that, it is worth saying that Deregulator is great fun to use if you like your audio effects to be on the bonkers side of unconventional. Those with an experimental streak will, I’m sure, love it. And, at the current asking price – only UK£1.99/US$1.99 – even if only pulled out for your occasional moments of madness, Deregulator is well worth the entry fee. Oh, and if you like Deregulator, then keep your eyes peeled….  Saveliy has something new coming soon….  :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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