DDMF updates – iOS11 tweaks for AU format iOS reverb and EQ effects from DDMF

Download from iTunes App StoreI posted a reviews of both 6144 EQ and Envelope Reverb iOS audio effects apps from DDMF and developer Christian Siedschlag when they were first released. Both of these are very capable audio processors in their own right but, given the desire from many iOS musicians to see the AU plugin format really take hold, the fact that both were launched AU-only plugins was also of considerable interest.

6144 EQ is a AU-only format equaliser plugin whose inspiration was the highly regarded Neve 5033 hardware EQ processor. Envelope Reverb is perhaps less directly related to a specific bit of original hardware but it provides a very good algorithmic reverb effect.

Both Envelope Reverb and 6144 EQ working within AUM as AU plugins under iOS11….

Anyway, both apps have been updated on the App Store today. In both cases, these are technical updated with the focus on a few minor fixes but, in the main, ensuring smooth support for iOS11. Both apps have always worked very smoothly for me when used within AU hosts such as Cubasis and AUM and a quick run through this morning on my iOS11 equipped iPad Pro suggests the new updates are also behaving well.

DDMF already have other iOS music apps in NoLimits and NYCompressor. Both are very good at what they do but the company also have other desktop plugins in their catalogue….  and based on their iOS ports so far, I really hope that some others might follow. Anyway, check out the original reviews of these various app that are linked too above and then hit the App Store download buttons to find out more.

Envelope Reverb

Download from iTunes App Store

6144 EQ

Download from iTunes App Store

Note this video is for the desktop version of the plugin but the two obviously share the same underlying processing options and algorithms.


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    1. I have all of these plugins and use them regularly, I can’t recommend them enough. Like you, I look forward to more DDMF plugins appearing in the App Store. Thanks for the reviews, John.

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